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Arizona Diamondbacks make small tweaks to uniform set

Last season, the Arizona Diamondbacks unveiled a new uniform collection that was understandably met with mixed reviews.

Remember the mean tweets the team read regarding them? Good times, good times.

The team is not making any sweeping changes to its look, but it appears they have made some small tweaks some of the threads.

Of all the complaints the uniforms received, the pattern on the lower part of the pants and then the gray alternate seemed to get the brunt of the criticism. A darker shade of the color (we hear there are 50 shades of it these days?) than any other in MLB, it seemed to catch people by surprise.

For what it’s worth, the D-backs new they were being a bit bold when they unveiled their new look, and sometimes risks do not turn out the way you had hoped. That they were willing to concede that some changes were needed should be seen as a positive, though it’s possible that had you not read this story, you may not have even noticed.

But if you’re already feeling nostalgic for the old new uniforms, check out this slideshow from when they were first unveiled:

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