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Adrian Peterson’s perdition

There’s a ton of subterfuge swirling in and around the Adrian Peterson affair. Rumors and innuendo seem to be the currency used to build arguments as to where Minnesota’s talented back is headed. So let me add to the speculation:

Adrian Peterson will NOT be an Arizona Cardinal if the Vikings add any addendum to, redo, or restructure his contract in any way shape or form. I believe Peterson wants the Vikings to show him the love that they failed to show him last year when he was placed on the Commissioner’s Exempt List. AP wants a guarantee in the form of money. If the Vikings do acquiesce, that will be our signal that “All Day” is all done feeling unsure of his return to Minnesota. He will forget the past and move forward with a fresh perspective on playing football in purple.

This is why Ben Dogra, Peterson’s agent, is being the heavy. Dogra has told the Vikings Peterson will never play for them again (as he was being separated from a Vikings executive at the combine in Indianapolis). Dogra is the one that made sure every NFL franchise knew the Vikings’ brass would never cut Peterson, clarifying the situation for NFL GMs. And Dogra was the one that informed the world he will not meet with Vikings GM Rick Spielman. All of these revelations from Dogra are meant to apply pressure to Minnesota without ruining a potential reconciliation between Peterson and Minnesota’s ownership.

Dogra and Peterson are trying to create leverage for new money from the Vikings while keeping their foot in the door of other NFL locker rooms. I think AP would prefer to stay in Minneapolis but wants to be compensated for it. Peterson doesn’t want to take a pay cut, which he would have to do if traded to another team, and is most likely trying to get more up front, guaranteed coin from the Vikings for their lack of support last season.

But the Vikings are trying to create leverage with potential Peterson suitors as well, making sure to cover their butts if destruction strikes. Although I believe they would like to retain Peterson, I do believe they would trade him if they got the right stuff in draft picks or players or both; I think Spielman would pull the trap door from beneath Peterson’s feet — and do it with a smile — if push comes to shove.

And here is the shove the Vikings won’t abide: Adrian Peterson, not Ben Dogra, steps in front of a microphone and says, “I will never play for the Minnesota Vikings again.”

Those words will signal the end of days for Peterson in Minnesota, the trump card only he can play; and that trump card would look Big and Red.