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Arizona Sports Super Bowl Prediction

With the Super Bowl just days away we decided to poll our staff here at to find out if they’re taking the Green Bay Packers or the Pittsburgh Steelers and why. The vote was close but our staff has a concensus pick as to who will be champs come Sunday evening. Find out who it is below.

What is your prediction? Do you completely disagree with any of our staff’s predictions and why?

Mark Asher I am picking the Packers over the Steelers. I think the key to the game will be if the Packers can avoid stupid mistakes like a lot of other teams make against the… the Cardinals throwing a pick at the end of the half in the Super Bowl. The Pack avoids that and they win. 27-21

Tyler Bassett I’m taking the Steelers over the Packers. Defense wins championships and in the end I think the Steelers’ defense is better. They will be able to confuse Rodgers a time or two and it will end up being costly for the Packers.
Dave Burns Pittsburgh Steelers 27-23.

The Steelers defense has a better chance of rattling Aaron Rodgers than the Packers defense has of rattling Ben Roethlisberger.

Paul Calvisi Paulie Pigskin Prediction: Green Bay Packers defeat Pittsburgh Steelers 31-21.

Key: What Aaron Rodgers did against the Cards defense in the last 3 qtr’s of the 2009 Playoffs, he hasn’t stopped doing to the rest of the NFL ever since!

Greg Esposito I think the Green Bay Packers will overcome an awful new ‘theme song’ by Lil Wayne to win the Super Bowl. They have the offense that will benefit from playing on the fast track in Dallas and a defense that can unnerve Ben Roethlisberger more than a TMZ video of him singing Billy Joel songs at a piano bar.

It will be close and, unless the refs allow a Pittsburgh receiver to score a touchdown despite being out of bounds, the Lombardi trophy will return to the team of its namesake.

Doug Franz Steelers…I actually think GB is a better team and would go with them in a regular season game but I put a lot of stock into Super Bowl experience.

How Rodgers responds to the first half interception he throws will be the key to the game.

John Gambadoro Pittsburgh Steelers will win because of the past Super Bowl experience the team has.
Adam Green Green Bay Packers 27 Pittsburgh Steelers 17

The key to the game will be the Packers jumping out in front early and forcing the Steelers to play from behind.

Ron Wolfley Pittsburgh Steelers:

They have the experience and they have the ability to run the football against the Packers young defense. The Packers were not very good at stopping the run this year and nobody has attempted to run the ball more than the Steelers in the post-season. The Steelers have averaged 37 rushing attempts per game in the playoffs and I don’t see that stopping on Sunday.

This should give the Steelers the opportunity to convert some big plays down the field, using play-action in run-down situations to their advantage.

Having said this, I believe it will be a close game and could turn on a single play. I also don’t think it’s going to be a high scoring game. Dom Capers and Dick LeBeau are two of the best coordinators in the league and I don’t see either defense giving up a lot of points.

Kurt Warner on Gambo and Ash “I’m leaning towards the Packers. I like what they do. I like their style. I like the confidence they have right now, and I’m still bitter. That’s always in the back of my mind.”