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Von Miller reveals desired landing spot

NEW YORK – The 2011 NFL Draft is only a day away with speculation running rampant over where players will end up.

Most players will say they don’t care where they get drafted only wanting to enjoy the total experience of fulfilling a childhood dream of being drafted.

Von Miller doesn’t fall into this group as he named his desired team he would like to play for on the Colin Cowherd show on ESPN radio.

“I would like to play for the Cowboys. I was a big Cowboys fan and I just love the whole atmosphere, culture and what it means to be a Cowboy,” said Miller who is from Texas.

“It’ll be a true blessing and a dream come true to play for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys,” said Miller.

Barring a trade, the Cowboys don’t pick until the ninth spot and with some mock drafts having Miller going as high as second, his dream of being drafted by the Cowboys probably won’t happen.

The Texas A&M linebacker said he will have a new favorite team if drafted by somebody else.

“Whatever team picks me up that means they really wanted me. I’ve always had the dream to play in the NFL, but never the possibility of being picked this high. I just want to get in there and prove myself to all the fans and critics out there,” said Miller.

Miller was the only potential drafted player to be a part of the players’ lawsuit against the league.

“I just wanted to do the right thing for all the guys that have come before me. All the guys that have broken their backs and bodies before me,” said Miller.