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LeBron James grabs a beer while giving the Raptors a beatdown

We didn’t say LeBron James drank the beer, but he definitely grabbed a bottle of the stuff and gave it a thought in the middle of the Cavaliers’ Game 1 blowout of the Toronto Raptors.

James found his way into the vicinity of the beer bottle when he left an and-one opportunity a tad bit short. Frustrated over the missed shot after being fouled, a beer vendor walked past James, who decided to grab it.

After giving it a look-see, he either he wasn’t feeling it.

“I’m not much of a beer guy,” James said.

Probably the best decision to abstain, at least in the eyes of the league office.

Teammate J.R. Smith found the series hilarious, and so did the internet.

Considering the score of the game, the beer gaffe, of course, turned into a story about LeBron disrespecting the Raptors, who didn’t have the best showing in the opener of the second-round series.

It probably wasn’t about that.

Either way, James playing at a best-on-the-planet level can do what he wants.

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