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ESPN Uni Watch ranks Suns’ current jerseys 9th all-time among NBA uniforms

(AP Photo/Matt York)

In Arizona Sports’ uniform playoffs last summer, three Phoenix Suns jerseys made the final four. All three of those, however, were not the current uniforms. Instead, they were the Barkley-era home whites, road purples and black alternates.’s Uni Watch did not get that memo, as they ranked the top-10 NBA uniforms of all time, and while a Suns jersey did make the cut, it was none of those uniforms.

The current jerseys were No. 9 by Uni Watch’s Paul Lukas.

This one might surprise people, but the Suns’ current design, which was introduced in 2013, has the feel of a modern classic. It’s based on the team’s 1990s set but looks classier and less cartoonish. The way the diagonal lines suggest the presence of the basketball (or, if you prefer, the sun) without actually showing it is a great design device that lets your mind’s eye fill in the missing space. The Suns have cluttered up their wardrobe with lots of extraneous alternate uniforms, but the basic home and road designs — especially the home whites — are first-rate. Here’s hoping they stick with that look for many years to come.

The San Francisco Warriors jerseys of the late 1960s were first on the list, followed by the New York Nets’ mid-1970s look and the Atlanta Hawks’ 1980s Dominique Wilkins-era uniforms.

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