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Shaq plays pick-up with regular folks, thinks he’s playing Chris Dudley

Shaquille O’Neal is the father of Arizona basketball commit Shareef O’Neal and a current NBA analyst for TNT, but he was also once an NBA All-Star.

You might have forgotten that.

Thankfully, the Big Cactus, as he’s known in these parts, was hoopin’ with some regular folks to remind us of his dominance. A video posted by Shaq’s friends working the “NBA on TNT” Twitter account shows him — looking in pretty darn good shape, we might add — establishing post position during a recent pick-up game.

Shaq receives an entry pass and forcefully bulls his way to the hoop for a jam, throwing a small man off of him.

What’s most fantastic about this? This is what Shaq did to actual NBA players. It turns out that O’Neal abusing regular-sized humans looks exactly the same as him tossing NBA post players to the ground.

Just ask Chris Dudley.

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