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Toledo Mud Hens to honor Harry Potter in July game

You see, the problem here is the writer of this story does not understand the world of Harry Potter, and therefore many of the jokes and puns that could go with it will be absent.

We’re sorry about that.

Regardless, if you are a fan of the books or movies and are also fond of baseball, then the Detroit Tigers’ Triple-A affiliate, the Toledo Mud Hens, may have just made your day.

*This is where a pun or joke or reference would go, if we knew any*

Minor league ball clubs having fun with their uniforms is nothing new, and in truth it is one of the very best things in sport. Often times teams decide to go with a food angle — just as the Charlotte Knights plan to do when they become the “Pitmasters” for a game in July, but there is always room for the entertainment world as well as pop culture.

So with that we say nicely done, Mud Hens.

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