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NBA players are having fun during free agency

(AP Photos)

Anyone who signs a contract worth millions of dollars could say they are having fun, so it might already be obvious to say NBA free agency is entertaining, even for the players.

Some NBA players are having more fun than others though.

When it comes strictly to new contracts, Blake Griffin is having a great time, fresh offΒ agreeing to a five-year, $170-plus million deal.

Others areΒ looking to make early impressions as investigative reporters.

Kanter tweeted out a picture showing that free agent Rudy Gay’s name was behind a chair sitting next to Russell Westbrook’s, while Andre Iguodala broke some news about … himself.

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was seemingly expressing his displeasure with rumored teams interested in free agent Gordon Hayward by playing the emoji game on Twitter.

Isaiah Thomas responded accordingly, retorting why he thinks Gobert doesn’t have much to say about his current team, the Utah Jazz.

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