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Brewers shortstop takes advantage of distraction, steals scoop of ice cream

Milwaukee Brewers shortstop Orlando Arcia looks like someone who knows when to take advantage when the right opportunity presents itself.

Take Saturday’s game against the Miami Marlins in Milwaukee for an example.

Arcia is tracking a ball in the air towards the left side of the field and it goes roughly 10 rows up. With the fans in the front row turning around and wisely paying attention to the flying projectile headed towards their section, Arcia swipes a scoop of a fan’s ice cream.

The best part of the bit has to be the casual nature Arcia goes about taking the ice cream, showing no remorse or any reaction like what he did was out of the ordinary.

Later in the game, Arcia had a conversation with a few of the fans around the section who all seemed to enjoy the encounter.

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