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Reporters report on two-hour rain delay featuring no rain

At first, Atlanta Braves beat writer David O’Brien just thought it was silly the Washington Nationals put their 7 p.m. ET game in a rain delay because the radar showed no rain for another few hours.

As the rain delay grew old, the veteran MLB reporter of 23 years grew not only impatient but outraged. So did the rest of the fans and baseball players trying to get the game going.

But as a professional being paid to report on whatever was happening at the ballpark, O’Brien continued to do his job with gusto.

Featured below are select tweets from his very fun rant about the rain delay that did not include rain. Or lightning. Or a cancellation of the game between the Braves and the Nationals, which will apparently start three hours late.

Eventually, the Nationals officials who called the delay — apparently it’s not the umpires until the game actually begins — even grew so concerned about incoming wet weather that they thought putting the tarp on the field was a good idea.

Problem is, there was no need.

As he waited, former Diamondbacks outfielder and current Brave Ender Inciarte was busy tweeting fans in the clubhouse.

Meanwhile, O’Brien continued to report on the delay.

Breaking: There was eventually rain!

Good ol’ David kept tweetin’.

It got a little sarcastic.

There will, apparently, be a game on Thursday starting at 10 p.m. local time.

By the time it started, the press corps were running on Skittles instead of coffee.

If anyone sees a Nats or Braves reporter, give them a hug.

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