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Born with one hand, Kentucky Little Leaguer goes yard

Keenan Briggs’ stats for the Little League district all-star tournament in Kentucky included going 4 for 9 with a double and a home run.

It’s stats that are common with any 11-year-old and are common among Briggs’ teammates for the Warren County South All-Stars in Bowling Green, Kentucky. But what makes Briggs’ home run so special, is he did it with just one hand.

According to Bowling Green Daily News, Briggs was born with a congenital upper limb difference that resulted in his upper arm stopping just past his elbow.

Although his parents advised him to take up other sports like soccer where you don’t need to have two arms to excel, Briggs is proving he can succeed. In addition to hitting a home run in baseball, he also made five three-pointers in basketball.

“They certainly see him as an inspiration when they start to get tired or when they don’t want to be out here, they see him out here and then it just picks them up to do that much better,” Warren County South 11U coach Joey Talley told the Bowling Green Daily News. “They look up to him because they see him doing everything that they’re able to do, but he’s only doing it with one hand. … Just imagine what he could do if he had two.”