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Trivia Tuesday: Most Home Runs in ‘D-backs Era’

The last two teams to join Major League Baseball were the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and our hometown Arizona Diamondbacks back in 1998.

That year marked the historic single-season home run chase that, although many believe it was fueled by performance-enhancing drug use, helped the popularity of baseball.

Since then, the career mark for home runs has also been eclipsed.

Legal or not, one could argue that the D-backs joined the big leagues right in time for the golden age of home run hitting.

In fact, 25 players have hit 350 or more home runs since the Diamondbacks debuted on March 31, 1998.

Your Trivia Tuesday challenge this week is to name them.

We’ve supplied you with the number of home runs each player has hit since the beginning of the 1998 season and the team they hit the majority of those dingers for — most of the players on the list played for more than one team in that time span.

You’ve got 10 minutes…good luck!

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