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Lakers fans will root for the Lonzo Ball-Ned Stark duo

If there’s a time for NBA fans in different markets to band together, it’s when the Los Angeles Lakers can become the victim of a joke.

Now is one of those times.

The Sacramento Kings sent a reporter to ask Lakers fans about two of the team’s young players competing in the Las Vegas Summer League. And if you have any sense of pop culture, you might know that those two players, Ned Stark and Shawn Carter, are not on the Los Angeles roster.

Ned Stark is a character from HBO’s popular TV series “Game of Thrones.” Shawn Carter is rapper Jay-Z’s given name.

Fans were not only very enthusiastic about talking about Stark and Carter in front of the camera but insistent that they were 1) diehard Lakers fans and 2) going to grab the microphone out of our reporter’s hands to give their analysis.

The next step: determining if any of these fans know anything about their supposed favorite team beyond the hype machine of Lonzo Ball.

Vegas Summer League Finals MVP Kyle Kuzma needs some love, too.


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