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Phoenix Suns reveal new Nike uniforms


Nike is in, and Adidas is out. The Phoenix Suns revealed their new uniforms for the 2017-18 season in a video posted to Twitter on Thursday.

In a press release Thursday, the Suns said the new uniforms are “built on a refined version of the Nike Aeroswift basketball chassis” and were tested by current NBA players. They’re 40 percent lighter than previous jerseys and were constructed from recycled material. The fabric is said to wick sweat 30 percent faster than previous NBA uniforms, per the statement.

Nike announced last month it is no longer working with traditional home and road jerseys.

Instead, most teams will have four jersey options: association (classic white), icon (team color), athlete mindset and community (locally inspired). Eight teams will have classic kits. The home team for each game will be able to pick any of its four jerseys to wear.

The Suns’ two jerseys represent the association and icon jerseys.

The community and athlete mindset jerseys will be released at a later date, according to Nike.

The jerseys will be made of out recycled material and — of course — are lighter than the Adidas version the NBA is leaving behind.

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