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Austin Jackson’s over-the-wall catch blows Hanley Ramirez’s mind

Cleveland Indians outfielder Austin Jackson made the catch of the year and quite possibly the catch of your life, depending on how long that’s been and how much baseball you’ve seen in it.

Of all places, it happened against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. With the Indians leading 7-5 in the bottom of the fifth, Hanley Ramirez thought he’d brought Boston within a run when Jackson lept over the wall between the outfield and the Red Sox bullpen to grab the ball at the peak of his jump before flipping over said wall.

Dan Otero, the Cleveland pitcher, was very thankful.

Maybe the best image, aside from the play itself, was that of Ramirez. At first, he failed to understand how that ball was caught. Then, when it finally hit him, the Boston slugger could only laugh and say, “wow!”

Here’s a slow-mo look at Jackson’s incredible catch.

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