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Bears beat writer attempts to draw way through team’s practice

When covering a sporting event, the media’s main job is to provide an accurate account of what transpired, sometimes with opinion mixed in.

Their goal is to paint a picture of sorts, so that anyone who was not able to attend or did but does not have the same kind of access could gain a better understanding of the game, practice, press conference or whatever it may have been.

For the most part, leagues and teams are pretty good about allowing it all to happen, with certain rules being in place that limit — at times — what can be shown and/or reported on.

Evidently, the Chicago Bears have some pretty strict rules, the kind that require the media to not only paint a picture of the day’s practice with words, but also with pen, pencil and paper, too.

Thus, the Chicago Sun-Times’ Patrick Finley has been doing his best to keep fans updated.

Finley is truly a multimedia journalist, and it’s probably safe to say Bears fans are thankful for his efforts.

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