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Cal’s new football field features the fault line its stadium sits upon

The Cal Golden Bears’ stadium was built in 1923, and unfortunately, it was done so on top of an active fault line.

Protecting it from any damage is a $321 million renovation project to prevent that scene from “The Dark Knight Rises” from happening and taking Pac-12 after dark to the extreme.

Anyway, Cal is owning this long-ago oversight.

The Golden Bears have put down a new turf field for the upcoming 2017 season, and it’s complete with a jagged line in the north end zone that marks where the Hayward Fault runs.

The 74-mile long Hayward Fault runs almost directly from end zone to end zone at California Memorial Stadium and parallel to the more well-known San Andrea Fault.

Here’s a stadium-wide perspective of the new Cal field, complete with fault lines and all.

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