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NFL analysts break down squirrel’s zone coverage technique

It’s preseason football, and fans of the Miami Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles realized they hated watching it when a squirrel ran onto the field in the middle of their game on Thursday evening.

The little guy hopped around the playing field for a brief moment before heading for the sidelines, and the moment brought about a fun off-the-cuff moment for the NFL Network analysts, who had this little exchange.

— See where he squats? He squats in the perfect place.

— Oh yeah, right in the zone coverage.

— He’s a little tired. Can he move? Let’s see if he can move. Oh! Man! Did you see that get-off?

— He sat down, it’s like zone coverage, right? He sat in the middle of the zone.

— He squatted right in the middle of the zone.

— Now, that’s being coached.

The problem is, the squirrel’s athleticism prompted wishful fans to call for him to switch positions.

Specifically, many angry fans called for the squirrel to take a spot on their respective teams as backup quarterback.

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