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Arizona Sports: Cardinals vs. Seahawks predictions

The Cardinals head to Seattle for their first NFC West game, taking on the Seahawks.

Pete Carroll’s team is 0-2 and, quite frankly, has looked bad to begin the season, and most think the Cardinals should come away with a win. Will it be easy? Hard to say, it is the Cardinals.

Tell us what you think happens in the comments below.

Chris Hamblin

The Cardinals are lucky. Nothing is better for a team that has struggled to stop the pass than an offense led by Tarvaris Jackson and Charlie Whitehurst. This is the perfect “get right” game for Arizona. I expect the defense to be aggressive and create a few turnovers and look much better than they have so far this season. For the offense ball security and establishing a running game are two things I need to see. Kevin Kolb has been up to the challenge so far this season but on the road in his first division test I expect him to shine for the first time.

Final Score: Cardinals 41, Seahawks 14

Paul Calvisi Paulie Pigskin: The Seahawks are struggggling on offense. In two losses, Seattle has rushed for a total of 95 yards, allowed 10 sacks, and registered exactly one play that has gained more than 25 yards. Seahawks will unveil their NFC West banner, but then it’ll become a banner afternoon for the Big Red. Big, Big Win!
Final Score: Cardinals 34, Seahawks 10

Adam Green The Seahawks are bad — really bad. The Cardinals basically need to stay out of their own way, ie: don’t turn the ball over, don’t make mistakes, and they’ll win this game comfortably. Expect to see the Cardinals play a complete game, looking good on both sides of the ball.
Final Score: Cardinals 27, Seahawks 10
Jon Bloom The bad news for the Cardinals is that they are going to “False Start Field” having mastered that along with other infractions elsewhere in the first two weeks. The good news is they get to battle an offense that would have trouble competing in the Pac-12. I know, it’s shocking that I’d actually diss a unit that includes not one but two Cal running backs, but Pete Carroll may have just received the first of many bagels this season with Sunday’s 24-zip blanking courtesy of Pittsburgh. After a mind-boggling amount of thought, I think the good outweighs the bad this week.
Final Score: Cardinals 24, Seagulls 20
Kyndra de St. Aubin For the Cardinals to win the game they need a healthy Beanie Wells. After last week’s rushing performance of just 15 attempts for the entire team…it was obvious to me that they need to run the ball more to be successful and to run the ball more…they need to have a healthy Wells on the field. It came out in the injury report Thursday that he was limited with a hamstring injury. Hopefully it’s not something that lingers.

The Cardinals will be more of a threat offensively overall if they can accomplish more on 1st and 2nd downs and I think they do that with an effective running game. If they run the ball well….it will open up Larry Fitzgerald and the passing game. It will keep the defense on their toes and the Cardinals will avoid being predictable on offense.

Final Score: Cardinals 24, Seahawks 10

Tyler Bassett The Cardinals will return home 2-1 because their offense is better – much better – than the Seahawks offense. The suspect Cardinals defense is going to be able to slow down and stop the Seahawks.
Final Score: Cardinals 23, Seahawks 10
Carter Nacke Seeing as how the Seahawks have only scored 17 points this season, the Cardinals should win this duel of the birds. New starting QB Tavaris Jackson is not overly talented and should not be able to exploit the Cards’ faltering CBs. Seattle’s O-line is struggling as well, so the Cards should be able to stop Marshawn Lynch. With bad specials teams and a bad overall defense, the Seahawks are once again looking at damage control rather than a win.
Final Score: Cardinals 27, Seahawks 7
John Boes The Cardinals’ inability to convert on third downs and the lack of a running game combined with continued struggles on defense lead to another road loss for Arizona.
Final Score: Seahawks 20, Cardinals 17
Joe Huizenga Usually knocking a team’s starting quarterback out of the game leads to an increased chance of winning. This Sunday though the Cardinals need to keep Tarvaris Jackson IN the game. He’s been awful this year and has yet to put up 200yds in either of his two performances. Load up the box, make Jackson pass and the Cardinals should get to 2-1 without too many problems.
Final Score: Cardinals 27, Seahawks 20

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