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Cards DC Ray Horton says Dockett finally figured it out

PHOENIX – Cardinals Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton met with the
media on Friday for his weekly session but this time what he had to say was
a bit different.

Horton said Darnell Dockett came to him on Wednesday and said
something clicked this week.

“Coach I think I understand what you’re asking me to do. He said coach
you’re asking me to do something I’ve never done before. I’m happy he
finally understands that he has to put a little extra studying in,” said

Horton emphasized that Dockett is being asked to play very differently than
in years past.

“We’re asking him to do some things he’s never done before. And if it’s new
to you it takes a little time. He said ‘coach the offseason hurt me, I’ve never
done this.’ And he’s slowly understanding what we’re asking him to do,”
said Horton.

Horton also said that Dockett is not the only defensive player that is
picking up the scheme a little slower than expected.
The Cardinals plan to scale back the defensive game plan this week against
Seattle to help clear up some of the communication issues and hopefully
make some progress.

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