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The Rock will make Devin Booker a fanny pack if he wins an NBA title

Some are motivated by the haters.

Others are motivated by their families.

Devin Booker is motivated by a fanny pack. Let’s back up a second for context.

A few games back, the Phoenix Suns noticed that Booker’s suit, chain and turtle neck game was not far off from one of the classic portraits of wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

But The Rock pointed out that, when the picture was taken, he wasn’t doing as well as Booker is now, even though Booker is still on his rookie contract.

That chain? Cheap. That watch? Fake.

That’s some high-level respect given to Booker from one of Hollywood’s bigger stars.

Booker knows it. He also knows The Rock was far ahead in the fashion game. Not pictured in that cropped photo was the essential part of The Rock’s look: The fanny pack. So being polite, Booker asked this:

There’s no way Devin Booker does not win an NBA title, right?

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