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Whisenhunt ‘very optimistic’ Beanie Wells, Stephens-Howling will play

Just when it seemed like Beanie Wells was ready to be the
running back the Cardinals thought he could be he went
with a hamstring injury.

This happened, of course, with LaRod Stephens-Howling
already injured and with rookie Ryan Williams out for the
season. Needless to say, runners have been in short supply
for Arizona.

That could change this weekend when the team hosts the New
York Giants in Glendale.

“We’ll still work him out before the game,” head coach Ken
Whisenhunt said of Wells. “I still feel very optimistic
that he’ll be able to play.”

Getting Wells back on the field would help an offense
that, to put it lightly, struggled in Seattle. The team
clearly missed their workhorse, as replacements Alfonso
Smith and Chester Taylor rushed 25 times for just 74

So yes, getting Wells and his 5.7 yards per carry average
back would go a long way towards fixing the offense, as
would the return of the electric Stephens-Howling.

“Having Beanie and LaRod back would certainly give us a
boost,” Whisenhunt said. “Whenever you have talented
players to throw into the mix you’re excited about that.”

Then again, the head coach made sure to temper his
excitement. Many expected Wells to play last week, but the
decision was made before the game to sit him for the

So, until the final decision is made there is no guarantee
either player will be active.

“We’ll look at it and see, we’ll see where we are with
that position on Sunday,” Whisenhunt said. “That’s always
a decision on Sunday with the inactives.

“We’re in pretty good shape health-wise this week, so
we’ll see where we are on Sunday.”

Here’s hoping they’re at University of Phoenix Stadium
with a healthy group of running backs.

Arizona Sports 620’s Kyndra de St. Aubin contributed to
this report

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