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Doug: Competition is brewing


Wow, is this impressive.

There’s a new competition between the hosts of Sports 620 KTAR. Whoever writes the most compelling article/blog/paragraph gets top billing on the site. Well there’s clearly a battle brewing. I’ll call out the Commissioner right now. It’s no secret that the two of us are the most frequent bloggers, so the question becomes who will consistently occupy the top spot of the new site? I’m saying me. That’s right Dave Burns, you’ve been called out.

The truth is I win either way. The Commissioner is a great writer so I’ll either win the competition (and I love winning) or we all get more blogs from Dave Burns.

My random thoughts:

CARDINALS: Let’s dig deep into the Boldin trade situation. Why is the approach different than last year? If you didn’t want to trade Boldin last year because you had all the contract leverage, why are you willing to listen this year? You have all the contract leverage now, as well. I can only think of three reasons.

1) The Cardinals still weren’t sure Breaston is ready to be a starter on a full-time basis. Those concerns are gone.

2) Since the announcement came right after a Rod Graves and Drew Rosenhaus meeting, I think Rosenhaus raised the stakes of discontent and let it be known the Boldin game plan would change this year. Mini-camps, OTA’s and part of training camp are out.

3) The Cardinals have finally heard a trade proposal that they actually want to follow through with. Therefore the team is issuing a pre-emptive strike to prepare us for the trade.

You’re obviously wondering which reason would bring the Cards to the trading table. I don’t think there’s one reason over the other. I think all three are the case and none are mutually exclusive.

D-BACKS: Three things…

1) This team is either not as talented as we thought.
2) This team is filled with massive egos who refuse to do the little things that great teams do because they expect things to go their way instead of earning it.
3) This team is poorly coached and managed and the talent isn’t reaching it’s potential.

I don’t think it’s number 2. I’m hoping it’s not number 1. I’m pretty confident I know what it is.

SUNS: Tweak…don’t blow it up

COACH SNYDER: The lesson of the last week for me was to learn to critique without frustration. I have so much respect for the people that play and work in professional sports. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t screw up. I think sports radio is responsible for holding teams accountable to us as fans. The catch is it’s so easy to get wrapped up into on field mistakes and sound like you have something against the person. I know I have nothing personal against the people I criticize but I understand it doesn’t always come across that way. I get frustrated with situations because I’m a fan. It’s completely OK to get frustrated with people and even to call for their job to be terminated.

I’m wondering though how many people felt bad for the things they thought during the end of Snyder’s tenure when they heard about his passing. I don’t want to be in that place.


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