Doug: Mailbag on four hot topics

Jun 17, 2009, 6:05 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

A lot of topics Wednesday got the ire of a lot of people and serious introspection.

There was a wide ranging array. Some topics were frighteningly funny and some were just plain frightening.


I quite frequently agree with you. Today, however, I am shocked at your opinion.

Stallworth only complied because he got caught red-handed and his dirt bag attorney certainly told him to go along to get the exact results people like you are giving him.

First, a man died. Second, the man was not a street bum rather a construction worker in the area. Would you be so understanding if it was your father?

Read the article linked here. If you still think this very cooperative NFL player deserves to serve a measly 24 day sentence and get nothing more, including no fallout at all from the NFL, then I have lost all respect for your opinion.


Doug: Then lose respect for me

I have to agree with Wolf on this case. He needs to be punished by the NFL to be consistent with other convicted wrongdoers. Stallworth may have done all the right things before and after the incident, but it was still a crime, even though the victim was at fault too. I would like to hear Stallworth say he would accept and take the punishment the NFL hands him, at least it would be consistent with the manner Stallworth handled the whole the situation.


Doug: This is one of those where I disagree, but in no way would I tell you you’re wrong

Paul Tagliabue suspended Leonard Little for 8 games back in ’99. It’s now 2009 and Roger Goodell needs to keep his tough stance on player suspensions for the actions they do on and off the field, and give Dante at least a year. Accountable or not, he chose to drink and drive and by doing so he took another mans life. How can you kill someone and get less than 30 days in jail?


Doug: I know all about LL. I just think these cases are completely different. LL drove home drunk from a golf outing and ran a red light striking another car making a legal turn killing a woman.

I don’t think Donte “chose” to D&D. He had prearranged for a ride from the club. He took the ride and went home. He slept. He got up the next morning and drove to the beach. He was doing 40 in a 30 — and don’t tell me you haven’t done 10 over at some point — and hit a man who jumped out between parked cars at a location where it was illegal to cross the street.

I think LL’s situation is 10X worse.

Usually in the great debate I’m so passionate because I believe I’m right.

I don’t say this rudely but I have to believe you’re wrong when you disagree with me

This is completely different…I said what I think but I have no idea if I’m right and, therefore, have no idea if anyone else is wrong.

I have to admit I struggle with this issue as well, but I do believe that the NFL has to take action. I don’t think 8 games is the answer just because Leonard Little got 8 games. I think that his circumstances were drastically different and that ruling was also handed down by another commissioner. I think 4 games and community service with kids discussing the dangers of drugs and alcohol would be adequate. Even though in many regards he did the right thing, he still took the life of another human being and plead guilty to DUI manslaughter.


Doug: Usually in the great debate I’m so passionate because I believe I’m right and, therefore, would believe someone’s wrong when they disagree. This is completely different…I said what I think but I have no idea if I’m right and, therefore, have no idea if anyone else is wrong

Why should he be suspended at all? He will serve his jail time and be on parole by the start of the season. You cannot compare this to the Vick or Plaxico situations both of those were premeditated. If the liqueur was not involved, he more than likely would not be charged at all.


Doug: I’m with you


What list!!! 9 out of every 10 baseball players were smart enough to get off the drugs before the test. They had plenty of time. The idea that steroids started in the late 1990’s is absurd. In the late seventy’s and early eighty’s, they were highly used in college and the minor leagues. The drugs they have now are so much better.


If there’s a list of 104 names, isn’t that a list?

When a baseball team loses more games than they win, who gets the axe. The manager. So why is Selig walking around unscathed?


Doug: Because he makes the owners money. They don’t care about the appearance of the game, they care about the dollars generated.

Bonds wasn’t a cheat… Bonds was consistent for 15 seasons. I am just saying, maybe there is a chance Bonds is not lying. I will tell you that more of me thinks he is getting a raw deal than I did last year.


Doug: Bonds wasn’t consistent. He never hit over 40 HR’s at any moment in his career until after he started using HGH. And how is he not lying?… If I give you a substance that tastes terrible and tell you it’s flax seed oil and you see your head size increase, your shoe size go up two sizes as a full-grown adult, your testicles shrink, your hair fall out, your chest explode, and your back develop chronic acne, are you never going to ask me what that stuff is? Bonds said he “never knowingly took steroids.” I don’t think you’re dumb enough to watch all those changes to your body and never think you were taking steroids.

True, and I have to tell you, Bud Selig should have shouldered some of the responsibility. The list should have come out a long time ago. Why is it 2009 and we are just hearing about the 2003 tests?


Doug: The test itself was highly publicized…the agreement was the results were to be confidential.

We’re finding out now because they’re being leaked.

We don’t know where the leak is coming from but I speculate it’s from someone who received the list from the legal teams involved with the BALCO investigation that confiscated the list.

You know Gonzo will be on that list if it were released.


Doug: No I don’t.


That was one of the funniest freaking story ever shared across the airwaves… The puppet blind squirrel… was hilarious and the genius of Stams squatting in his straps had me crying. I was working out and almost dropped the bar!

Thanks for the laughs


Doug: I hope you were clothed.

How many guys in Phoenix will be attempting that “puppet show” tonight at home?

Wives and roommates beward!


Doug: I know one who won’t!

Hey, I like a good testicle puppet show as much as the next guy. Wolf, you might want to keep that story to tell to close friends only. I am not sure if broadcasting it was such a good idea.

Ike in Chandler

Doug: I hope I never find out what I’m missing


Wolf can do 3 minutes on testicle stuff, but scoffs at Sandra Bullock being naked issues?

Chandler Fire Dept

Doug: As soon as you think you know Wolf, you’ll always be surprised

Great show again. Tomei appeared nude a couple of yeard before The Wrestler in Before the Devil Knows Your’re Dead. It is also a good flick.


Doug: I’ve written down these films for the to do list. I haven’t seen Monster’s Ball either. I’ve heard what I’ve been missing.


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Doug: Mailbag on four hot topics