Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 1

Sep 9, 2009, 7:54 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

The NFL season is upon us and Doug is back with his full 32-team Power Poll. Here is where he sees the teams being ranked headed into Week 1.

1. STEELERS: Bad news you have to play TEN, SD, MIN, & GB…good news is they’re all @PIT
2. PATRIOTS: Brady’s back and they were pretty good without him
3. FALCONS: They’ll start 2-0, then slip from the power poll, then win their last 6 on the way to the playoffs
4. GIANTS: Will move up to number one in the poll when they go 7-0 to start season
5. VIKINGS: First three road games-CLE, DET, STL
6. EAGLES: Their schedule seems like it has 11 home games with three straight after the opener and two straight to end the year
7. CHARGERS: Anything less than 6-0 in the division is failure
8. TITANS: They were the number one seed and they only lost one 300 lb. man, so why do I have them this low
9. CARDINALS: They’d be much higher if their fire matched their talent
10. RAVENS: I’d like to have Rolle on the team but Foxworth was signed to start over him anyway
11. PACKERS: After 9 weeks of football, they’ll be at least 6-2 and done with the Favre circus…what a wonderful schedule
12. COLTS: Coaching change, you play the AFC East, no Harrison, revolving door at left tackle, no Sanders…let me the first person on the planet to say INDY is home in January
13. PANTHERS: Can’t put a team high that dramatically changes their coaching staff, throws 5 pics in a playoff game, and starts 2009 0-3 going into their bye
14. SEAHAWKS: I think the NFC West will be too close to come into the season injured…check out the road schedule—IND, DAL, MIN, HOU, GB
15. COWBOYS: Should be ranked higher with no Jessica effect but the offense needs a receiver
16. TEXANS: It’s now or never
17. BEARS: You needed the QB but who’s he going to throw to?
18. REDSKINS: Could be 5-2 into bye week…too bad second half of season has only two wins in it
19. DOLPHINS: I should believe in this team more than this but I think they’ll be taken more seriously, which is a bad thing for them
20. 49ERS: Feel free to kill the guys in camp but when you start the year 2-6, watch how fast they turn on you
21. JETS: Could be 9-7 again depending on chemistry since they have to bounce back from an 0-4 start
22. SAINTS: Just show me something on defense, anything, and you’ll skyrocket up the poll
23. BILLS: I don’t care how good your reason is for firing your OC in the preseason, it means you’re bad
24. BENGALS: I don’t think they’re this good, the rest are just that bad
25. JAGUARS: Where will Del Rio coach in 2010?
26. BROWNS: I have decided which color of bed sheets I’ll be sleeping on but I’m not telling Jennifer to give me an advantage
27. CHIEFS: Complete homer pick since I’m a fan of Todd Haley…I am the only guy that makes homer picks @27
28. BRONCOS: Every day McDaniels reminds me more and more of Belichick…the former CLE head coach, not the current NE one
29. BUCS: They have less talent than BUF…now that we’ve established that, read #23
30. RAMS: They won’t be nearly as bad this year…they’ll go 4-12
31. LIONS: I think they’ll win a game
32. RAIDERS: The first NFL franchise to have 6 straight 10 loss seasons…OAK won’t win 8 games until Al Davis is dead

Doug Franz

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Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 1