Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 2

Sep 15, 2009, 6:49 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

After the first week of the NFL Doug tweaks his NFL Power Poll but not near the top where the teams he expected to win won. Yes, the Eagles won big on the road and dropped.

1. STEELERS: Could drop in poll without Polamalu but since they’ll win @CHI and @CIN, I’ll wait to see them against SD
2. PATRIOTS: Any other team gets dropped after that performance on MNF, but any other team doesn’t have Belichick and Brady
3. FALCONS: After 5 rec 73 yds and 1 TD, now do you see why I wanted AZ to get TG?
4. GIANTS: Is it offensive if I keep repeating my 7-0 prediction to start the season?…Yes, I said that even though they’re @DAL
5. VIKINGS: If Favre keeps playing like that (hand-off left, hand-off right), they might do better than my 5-0 prediction
6. TITANS: I’m sorry to say this in week 2 but vHOU is must win…that’s not a compliment to HOU but when you’re next games are @NYJ, @JAX, vINDY, @NE, you have to win when you can
7. CHARGERS: Such a great schedule five pre-season games and then vBAL to start the season…wait, the win @OAK counts? Even better
8. COLTS: Barely won @home and now you’re staring in MIA’s home opener on MNF and then @AZ on a short week?…Brutal
9. SAINTS: McNabb and Urlacher both get hurt and GB looks bad in a win…@PHI could propel NO to Wild Card (that and their 5-1 division record)
10. EAGLES: Yes you won and dropped in the poll…I’m just not a believer in Kolb
11. PACKERS: GB fans are going to tell you how good they are, hardly…you barely beat CHI when Cutler gave you the game and winning vCIN and @STL doesn’t prepare for round 1 of Favre @MIN
12. COWBOYS: Romo looked good (16/27, 353, 3/0)…win vNYG spells 5-0 into bye week with vCAR, @DEN and @KC next (I say 4-1)
13. RAVENS: Strong fall in power poll shows what I think of win vKC…win @SD and they’ll be close to top 5
14. REDSKINS: Allowed NYG to convert 6-of-13 3rd downs…must go 4-0 during weak portion of schedule before vPHI
15. JETS: Don’t forget in the Sanchez hype, Jones ran for 107…it’s great for Sanchez to build up confidence before Belichick rips his heart out
16. SEAHAWKS: Hill, Tatupu, Branch, Jones, Spencer, Trufant all hurt…so how bad does that make STL?
17. 49ERS: 3 of first 4 vNFC WEST…great way to build momentum
18. JAGUARS: Gave up 8 yards/pass att…if AZ converts in red zone, JAX is 0-2
19. BEARS: Your QB has no receivers to throw to but throws it anyway, Urlacher’s gone, and you’re vPIT this week…now why were the national pundits so bullish on you again?
20. CARDINALS: If Levi Brown is the right atrium and Mike Gandy is the left atrium, the ventricles on defense can pump all they want but the heart’s defective
21. DOLPHINS: I could make a good argument they go 1-7, but I’ll give them a break and say 2-6…CP went 21/29 but with 4 sacks and 4 TO’s no one cares
22. BILLS: An idiot returning kicks cost victory in NE?…does this mean BUF is good or bad?
23. PANTHERS: If you’re on your third string QB in week 1 with @ATL and @DAL next, when do you get to your second string head coach?
24. TEXANS: If NYJ can hold you to 7 points @home, how many will you score @TEN?
25. CHIEFS: Congratulations on your first win Todd! (please don’t e-mail me the score of the @BAL game…look ahead, never look back)
26. BRONCOS: Lost in the terrible game @CIN, McD’s first win, & the crazy ending was Orton’s 100 passer rating

27. BROWNS: Don’t you love it when fans and coaches try to justify a poor outing by trying to remove plays like they didn’t happen, so who will be the first to say, “well, if you take out the 64 yarder, AP only had 116 yards” (BTW, I realize AP’s good but if you’re really Man-genius, couldn’t you have held him to 175 yards?)
28. BUCS: OK, high school math question—a Cadillac gets 7.5 mpg but you only drive it 13 times so how many wins do you get? Answer—0
29. RAIDERS: Not as bad as I thought, still won’t win 7 games this year and won’t win 8 games until Al Davis is dead
30. BENGALS: I don’t think they’re this good, the rest are just that bad
31. LIONS: Don’t feel bad about the 157 rush yards against @NO (while they threw for 6 TD’s and 358), CLE allowed AP to run for 180…on a side note-AP @DET is next
32. RAMS: Please read no. 16 above…toughest decision of the poll–31 v 32

Doug Franz

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Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 2