Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 3

Sep 22, 2009, 8:15 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

The top of the poll was shook up this week after losses by the Steelers and Patriots. And Doug has a 2-0 team ranked 20th and behind the 0-2 Titans.

1. GIANTS: I told you since Aug they’d go 7-0…little nervous about week 6 @NO though
2. FALCONS: Opponents averaging over 5y/rush…not worried yet because opponents have been trailing and getting yds on draws but I want a win @NE to validate me
3. RAVENS: Most impressive road win of the weekend and the chance to relax against CLE
4. SAINTS: Do you ever reject your own predictions in Week 2?…Why didn’t I have them in the playoffs?
5. STEELERS: The vaunted PIT rushing game is 28th in the league…even @CIN seems tough w/o Polamalu
6. VIKINGS: Favre leads worst passing attack in football—and looks good doing it…the next 3 home games are impressive—vSF, vGB, vBAL
7. COLTS: As equally impressed as I am with their offense I’m disappointed with the D…I’m taking AZ on SNF
8. JETS: The 2009 AFC East Champions…Yeah, I said it before October
9. PATRIOTS: No Harrison, no Seymour, no Vrabel, no Bruschi, no Welker, no chance.
10. CHARGERS: Do not underestimate the loss of Igor!
11. EAGLES: Enjoy your 4-0 stretch while it lasts—vKC, vTB, @OAK, @WAS…the world will talk about you @ 5-1 and then you’ll be going away for awhile
12. 49ERS: Finally, we find out if that 3rd ranked rush defense is for real @MIN
13. CARDINALS: I’m not saying they’re great but being 4th in rush defense keeps you in a lot of games…AZ vaults in the poll next week after SNF win
14. BEARS: You average 2.6y/rush while opponents are @ 4.1
15. TEXANS: Incredible win and now vJAX and vOAK…I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team ranked 32nd in rushing offense and defense
16. PACKERS: Unforgivable loss…an elite team would have one loss by December with that schedule and only give up 10 sacks by December, not both in two games
17. COWBOYS: In response to T.O.’s tweet—DAL had a TO problem and now they have a TR problem

18. TITANS: @NYJ, @JAX, vINDY, @NE means an unthinkable 2-4 at best…every time opponent goes back to pass the opponent averages 9 yards—that’s what 32nd against the pass means
19. BILLS: So one person vandalizes a player’s yard and someone else steals from a player during a game, so who does BUF fans think will ever sign a free agent deal to play there?
20. BRONCOS: Excited for October when the NFL portion of their season begins, and their playoff hopes end

21. BENGALS: Usually road wins put you over the team you beat but the DEN loss kept them down…-3 T/O ratio would be worse if they didn’t save themselves by recovering plenty of their own fumbles
22. RAIDERS: This team is 10x better than I thought, of course, 10 x 0 =…and don’t forget won’t win 8 games until Al Davis is dead
23. SEAHAWKS: As upset as I am that I didn’t pick NO in playoffs, it’s a fair trade since I almost picked SEA and didn’t
24. DOLPHINS: Will be the greatest 1-7 team in NFL history
25. REDSKINS: Will be worst 5-1 team in NFL history
26. JAGUARS: From the truth hurts category—Del Rio is 50-48 as head coach, meaning you can do worse but you’re never going to go anywhere either
27. PANTHERS: Statistically speaking this isn’t a bad team, except for the 1/5 TD/INT ratio for the QB—which would probably constitute being a statistic
28. CHIEFS: Todd. All you have to do in your rookie season is win two games and KC fans will be reasonable. Don’t lose vOAK or vDEN and you’re fine…oops
29. BROWNS: What does Eric Mangini know about football that we don’t? CLE is 31st in points scored and 32nd in rush defense, I’m sure one of us can improve on that
30. BUCS: Firing Gruden isn’t really that big of a deal, they just need a full Monte back…TB has given up an amazing 900y in 2 games
31. LIONS: Imagine justifying to your wife why you’ve bought DET season tickets

32. RAMS: I’ve decided to become a nicer man and find good things to say about whoever is 32 so congrats to STL for making it to 12th in total defense with 404y/against, oh sorry, I was looking at BIG 12 stats…sorry CU but with WVU next you’ll hear banjos faster than you’ll move back into the top 12 in the conference

Doug Franz

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Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 3