Doug’s NFL Power Poll: Week 5

Oct 8, 2009, 4:23 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

The Manning brothers man the top of Doug’s NFL Power Poll followed by a couple of explosive undefeated offensive teams. Doug says the Cardinals game against the Texans is a must win, yes a must win.

1. GIANTS: Number one defense, 5th in offense, Eli’s feeling better, and vOAK next…I told you since Aug they’d go 7-0
2. COLTS: Remember when IND/TEN was a huge game?
3. SAINTS: Very impressive defense vNYJ going into bye week…hey west side, check out who’s leading the league in rushing!
4. VIKINGS: Perfect schedule, take a break from the GB hype @STL before the gauntlet—vBAL, @PIT, then Favre Bowl II
5. RAVENS: You knew they’d be 1st in rush defense, but 59.5 yards against per game is unbelievable
6. PATRIOTS: Three game stretch that’s just vicious…oh I don’t mean now–@DEN, vTEN, vTB (@London)—I mean starting 11/15
7. JETS: Not a prediction but if they don’t read the headlines they’ll be 8-1 before they see Brady & the boys
8. FALCONS: Vital stretch to see if you’re for real –@SF, vCHI, @DAL…defense gives up huge yards but only 17 pts/game
9. EAGLES: Must go 5-1 with vTB, @OAK, @WAS next because they’re not winning division and need the WC…BTW, who’s going to be the NFC WC?
10. 49ERS: Giving up only 13 pts/game…doing everything well except throwing the football which makes Crabtree interesting
11. BENGALS: With an average margin of 2 pts between scored and given up, I just can’t buy in…win @BAL and I’ll take you seriously the rest of the year
12. BEARS: Offense gets little yards but lots of points, defense gets very few turnovers but your 3-1 @ the bye, hmmm…ah, your entire season is based on special teams, that’s cute but you’ll need more to impress the poll
13. STEELERS: Your reward for the enormous win?…@DET, you won something nice the last time you were @ Ford Field
14. CHARGERS: The great Big Ben leads an offense that scores less than 16 pts/game
15. BRONCOS: I would be impressed with the statistically best defense if the numbers were earned against NFL teams…win vNE and you’ll rocket up the poll
16. COWBOYS: Wade=defense and that’s 26th, Garrett=offense and that’s 12th in points scored…therefore Jerry=looking for coaches next year
17. PACKERS: Very average football team who will feast off schedule the next two months…then comes DEC when they lose their playoff bid

18. JAGUARS: Much better team than SEA but I don’t know if they’re good enough to handle going there…if I’m wrong, they could win 5 of next 6
19. CARDINALS: Playoffs chances are over with a loss vHOU…yes I said that Wolf
20. TEXANS: In order to win in football you must be able to run the ball and stop the run…HOU is 30th in rushing and 29th in rush defense

21. DOLPHINS: Will be the greatest 1-7 team in NFL history…don’t worry, Yogi told me second half of season is half way here
22. BILLS: Toilet bowl vCLE…this is one of those games that gets somebody fired for losing
23. TITANS: You’re giving up 27 pts/game and only now do you have your first game vPeyton—you’re screwed
24. SEAHAWKS: Far more 1st downs than they give up, much better 3rd down conversion rate than opponents, so what’s wrong…-4 in turnovers and one big play per game given up
25. RAIDERS: I can see why you didn’t want Crabtree but he’s gaining on Heyward-Bey who is only 2 receptions ahead of him…BTW Al, Crabtree hasn’t caught a pass yet
26. PANTHERS: All is OK…vWAS and @TB on the way
27. LIONS: Good 1st half! So I guess that means you’re half as good as CHI
28. REDSKINS: Did you know they lost to DET…yea, I know they won SUN but did you know they lost to DET?
29. BROWNS: @BUF this week, @DET before Thanksgiving, and @KC and @OAK before Christmas…these are the only winnable games left

30. CHIEFS: Still bad on offense, still bad on defense, the next thing you know there will be construction @ the Grandview triangle
31. BUCS: Made WAS look worse in beating you than they did beating DET
32. RAMS: How’s everybody doing tonight? STL averages 6 pts/game…thanks so much you’ve been a great audience please tip your waitress

Doug Franz

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