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Aug 31, 2010, 9:14 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

In case you missed it, here’s the link to a previous blog on why the mail bag is back. If you’re wondering why I haven’t returned your e-mail, it’s saved for the mailbag.

If anyone can take the strong armed, but erratic Derek Anderson and change his mechanics and turn him into a solid Q.B., it is Ken Whisenhunt.

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Agreed. I still look at what he did with Roethlisberger. Won 15 games as a rookie.

I know it is football season, but… does Mark Reynolds still play professional baseball? Has anyone seen someone go form great to suck quicker than Reynolds? Other than Upton of course…


8/1 two hits. 8/30 3 hits. Between he had 13 and batted .165

Did you hear Colin yesterday saying that the cards are a 6 win team then a little later he said the seahawks could win the division! He’s off his rocker! Keith in Glendale

I did. Again, if I thought the NFC West was good I’d be down on the Cardinals. Alex Smith does look better than I expected but I think this division is bad. I still think Cards win.

I think Matt is pressing because he feels he can’t mess up. He is under such scrutiny he feels he can’t. So, he plays it too safe and is thinking too much. In turn, he’s looking hesitant and unsure of himself. He’s obviously not a confident man right now.


Remember, I think Matt should be the starter but if you’re right, it proves I’m wrong. If Matt can’t handle the pressure of competition in practice, he certainly can’t handle the pressure in a game.

We exchanged emails about 3 years ago and agreed he will go down in history as a great college QB nothing else.


I think Matt’s an average NFL QB and I think that’s still good enough to win the division.

You can’t lessen the peaks and valleys of DA (Disregarding Accuracy). I think we’re living in a dream word if we think the Cards can. He has a 53% career accuracy rating and a 69.7 passer rating. Those are bad back up QB numbers…there’s no way he can be the starter for this team. The Browns let him go and replaced him with Jake Delhome. Leinart needs to be the starter.


I wouldn’t go so far as dream world. I do believe in CKW more than I believe in Anderson. If he says Anderson’s the guy I think it’s the wrong move. The catch is CKW is 2-for-3 in division championships so I’ll disagree with the move knowing he’ll probably end up being right.

18 games? Wow, you only need 55 1/2 yards a game for 1000. Didn’t Jim Taylor & Jim Brown do that in 12 & 14 game seasons? Records will be broken, not sure how I feel about that. Great show as always.


1K seasons are now expected and no longer an achievement. AVG YDS/G will be a more important stat than per season.

And we don’t always have a great show. Did you hear how bad I was last Friday?

All this Leinart bashing made me do some research. Matt has started 19 games as a pro QB. If you compare those 19 starts with Peyton Mannings first 19 starts, Matt’s actually look better.

Thanks but wouldn’t you say you could see clear improvement from Peyton? Again, I think Matt should start because of my belief in the defense and special teams but I don’t expect him to be anything but an average NFL QB.


Love the show, listen every morning but I am calling you out for your HOMER remarks. Here you have an EXECUTIVE of over 20 years telling you Matt doesn’t have it. YET you continue to say “the Cardinals are going to win this division.” Even worse, you and Ron rant about all of the question marks the 49ers have. That’s why it’s obvious you two are just being homers, you don’t even do your homework. Let’s see, best rookie receiver last year, best tight end in the league who happened to tie a record for TDs in a season, top 5 running back in the NFL, Top 10 defense that could get better this year. I mean come on. Oh I forgot one guy, but all I have to do is say his name…Patrick Willis. Boom. You two could have 300 experts and execs call you up and you would still be the homers that you are. You two are usually very objective but I had to call you out on this.


There’s a shock. Pick against someone’s favorite team so I’m a homer. Let’s get one thing straight on the mailbag. When you call me a homer you’re announcing to the world that you are an ignorant fool. How am I being a homer by not believing in your home town team? I think the 49ers are not that good (around 7-9). I think the Cards are a little bit better. I think the Cards are going to go 9-7 and lose in the first round of the playoffs to Atlanta. Does that really sound like a homer?

I picked the D-Backs to finish 4th this year. I picked the Lakers over the Suns in 6. I even picked Georgetown over my beloved Ohio Bobcats (still upset about that one). I pick what I think will happen. Of course I’m going to be wrong sometimes but it’s much more important to me to be right than to make a prediction just so someone will like me.

The national media is bagging on our home team here enough. It would be nice to see our local media stand up and rally behind them. After listening this morning, I was let down and disappointed with you. We tune in to hear news and interviews…not your assinine speculatory trade rumor…that you pretty much fabricated.

Doug sucks…Wolf is why people listen.


One person says I’m a homer because I picked the Cardinals and another says I suck because I’m not being homer enough. Such is the job.

To those of you who are higher on the evolutionary plane than Hector and Anonymous, you have my word that I will always tell you what I think whether our home teams want to hear it or not.


I beleive the ultimate solution to the Cardinals QB saga is to trade Matt now while he still has some stock and value in the League. Since Whisenhunt likes the blue collar-QB, how plausible do trade scenarios sound?

Geechy Dan

I think a trade scenario is in the works right now. I don’t know if it will happen. It just depends on the fall-out of Leinart’s recent comments.

However, “Geech” I don’t want to give you an asinine speculatory trade rumor…that I pretty much fabricated.

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Doug: Mailbag 8/31