Doug: Mailbag 9/2

Sep 2, 2010, 5:34 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

Anderson sucks: Give Mattie a chance to run the team, if not go with Max.


I don’t think Anderson sucks and I don’t think Leinart’s great. I would have gone with Matt but clearly we’re beyond that stage now.

Matt will be the starter but he won’t last 2 games. That’s my prediction…

DA will be patchwork QB, the focus will shift to Max and John


I disagree. I think Matt’s done after he spoke to the media.

Leinart has to be the guy that gets traded or cut. Even with the experience issue, at this point is it really that much of a step backwards going with Anderson and having Skelton/Hall behind him? Leinart is gone next year because of the money that will be due to him in 2011. DA is inaccurate but he can throw down field and make throws Leinart can’t. I even say Max Hall before I trust Leinart to lead the Cards to a division title.


I agree since you say “at this point.” I think they should have gone with Leinart but once he spouted off he has to go.

When was the last regular season touchdown pass thrown by Matt?



Does it matter?

I am all for giving leinart a chance but if he isnt gonna be here next year which we all know he is not why waste a whole season with him.


To win?

Good show today.

The only this worse than having a QB controversy……… in this case is not having one. It’s not a controversy, it’s a “competition”. It’s a competition simply because it’s not worthy of controversy status. A QB Controversy is when you have two QBs capable of being the guy. Controversy means both guys could start for any other team. Controversy means the future and the present meet to lock horns.


I think this is a great opinion. Even though I keep saying Leinart B. M. (before media), how can anyone really be right when we’re comparing average versus mediocrity?

Doug Franz broadcaster extraordinaire… Do you recant? I told you Whiz didn’t like Leinart. Come on Doug, recant! You owe me a recantation…ring the bell in the morning.


No. You told me in a previous e-mail you thought Whiz wasn’t giving Leinart a fair shot. Think about the ignorance of what you’re referring. You’re saying Whiz would rather lose then see Leinart succeed. I don’t know how Whiz feels about Matt the person and I don’t care. The question is can Matt Leinart win in the NFL. I think the answer is no but this division is so bad he’ll win enough. CKW obviously stops at the word no and is ready to move on.

I think the Cardinals are going to have to choose between unpleasant alternatives. It appears they can muddle through with a pair of quarterbacks without long term value and give up a promising quarterback or they can take a step back this year and position themselves for better quarterbacking in the near future.

If they’re not going to start Leinhart they should release or trade him. He’s earned that kind of respectful treatment from the club.


“Muddle” can still mean winning this division. I realize if SF or SEA is better than I’m giving them credit I’ll have a huge recantation in front of me but I think 9-7 is winning this division.

Let’s win this year and let’s use the off-season to develop one of the young QB’s everyone’s in love with. Never forget, Skelton and Hall look great against the UFL All-Stars.

I would say win win for both the Sox and the Dbacks

Edwin Jackson (26 yrs old)
4 starts
0.96 ERA
0.36 WHIP
28 IP
23 H
3 ER
7 BB
34 K

Daniel Hudson (23 yrs old)
5 starts
1.72 ERA
0.90 WHIP
36.2 IP

For a guy who took his wife to Cooperstown, it’s nice to get a baseball question…sorry I disagree. First, EJ shouldn’t be here because Max should be the closer. Secondly, EJ is already in his arbitration years. The D-Backs have Hudson for 6 years. There’s no way he’ll reach Super 2 status so the D-Backs avoid arbitration until after 2013 so even a tie goes to the D-Backs. Combine that with the simple fact that EJ wasn’t pitching that great at the end, it’s a no brainer. D-Backs win that trade.

Loverboy will be performing LIVE at Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino on Friday, September 10th.

At only 300 points per entry, I’m SURE to win…which one of you wants to go with me? WHICH ONE OF YOU ‘KIDS…ARE HOT TONITE! WHOA!!! SO HOT TONIGHT…AND WHERE WILL YOU BE TOMORROW?’

Front row, guys…fists in the air, deep in the LOVERBOY MOSH PIT!

Brother Murph…!!

I don’t think Loverboy truly understands what we do for them. Here’s a good poll question, who’s a bigger act, D&W or L’boy?

I’m taking L’boy, but I think we get 35% of the vote. I’m happy with that.


Long time listener and we’ve exchanged a number of emails these past few years.

98 graduate of the University of Wisconsin. I have 20 tickets to the game and am obviously flying back to Madison to reunite with all my college friends and their wives.

Here are a couple of musts while you are in the homeland:

1. Mickey’s Dairy Bar- near Camp Randall. BREAKFAST. Get “the Scrambler”. You will not be disappointed.
2. The Great Dane Brew Pub- near the Capital. Great English Pub atmosphere. They have great beer, great food. I was the first bouncer they ever hired and I still get free meals and beer from their management when I go there, 12 years later!!!
3. The Union: Go to the student union and have a brat and beer on the Terrace. Its right on Lake Mendota and just an awesome time.

Hope you enjoy yourself there.


Sorry I don’t return e-mails anymore. Maybe I will again but it was a terrible situation that occurred. Really excited for the trip. Although I think Wisconsin wins, it’s crazy just how big a 3-0 start would be to ASU.

Go Devils.

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Doug: Mailbag 9/2