Doug: Notes from Cardinals loss to Falcons

Sep 19, 2010, 8:38 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

1st quarter

Almost broke that return

Turner is back

Why did Dockett get all that money

D-line getting man-handled

More Turner

Rhodes already…I thought they’ve been working on penalties

Hey! An incompletion. 1st negative play

Defense is completely unready to play


Hey look, another penalty on the KO return

Illegal formation…all you have to do is look down the line and see if there’s a TE there or a 300-lb man

Bilick is the worst analyst in FB…yes it was a hold on Breaston but what about calling out the acting job…then he called it an MME move…What’s MME?…is that the circuit that goes at in the hexagon?

Good play by DA keeping things alive on the dump off to Patrick

More Turner

Forced punt by the defense!

Faneca’s over-rated as a player. Supposedly his leadership is worth the fact he can’t pass block anymore. If he does his job, Patrick gets 50 yards.

INT…looked like Breaston just got beat to the ball…need to see coach’s film to know who’s fault

2nd quarter

That wasn’t a face mask and it wasn’t on Porter…this is the ref from week 1 last year @ home last year that couldn’t figure out his microphone…he’s the worst in the league

Love Clark Haggans…if I’m evaluating talent I wouldn’t be over-whelmed but as a fan, I love the “give everything” guys and he’s one of them

Great blocks and Hightower showed break-away speed…Brandon Keith was great on the play

Pretty ticky-tack OPI called on White

Great play by Toler

Definite PI on DRC…should have been unsportsmanlike when he threw his mouth guard

What is Bilick talking about? He was looking for PI before the ball is thrown. Brian, you can’t have pass interference until you have a pass.

D-Line is doing nothing

I agreed w/ the procedural penalty against Brown in the 1st Q but they aren’t consistent in calling it. ATL’s LT has been in the backfield on every pass play.

Great down-field blocking by the greatest TE in the history of the game on the TD…never mind, Rhodes was just covering TG and followed him to the sideline

Good catch and run by Steven Williams

Keith was destroyed by Weatherspoon, KNOW your assignment, why are you going inside

Keith didn’t pick up the stunt and got DA crunched again

Good call on the Toler PF because it’s a terrible rule.
He didn’t launch and the receiver wasn’t defenseless but it was Head-2-head

I love Steven Williams but you can clearly tell there’s a difference between pre-season and regular season
DA’s getting hit on almost every pass

3rd Quarter

Great blitz pick-up by Hightower on the INT…didn’t want to miss the lone positive on the play

Great TD…executed so perfectly it was indefensible

I thought Dockett’s play wasn’t going to drop off with the money. What’s he done this season?
4th down conversions and reverses in a blow-out?

Looks like Hightower and Lyle came to play…having a hard time complimenting anyone else

Never thought the day would come where we’d compare Ginobili to A-Dub.

Clark Haggans was right. You could hear him say, “I’m on the line of scrimmage,” during the PF call on Finnerman.

4th Quarter

I’ll give Thom a break but saying 4th inning is funny…Bilick can stuff it on his Ohio beatdowns.

Thom: I think it will be illegal procedure. Bilick: or it could be the defense lined up off-sides. No Bilick, it can’t be the defense off-sides because the tackle was in the backfield. How about watching the game instead of guessing?

Why is DA still in there? This O-Line is awful.

I’ve always wondered how guys feel comfortable receiving their game checks after a performance like this.

Max is in…wait, defense is now in

Now what are the Max lovers going to say

I don’t like typing that. I love Max but I can’t stand the idiots that think he should start.


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Doug: Notes from Cardinals loss to Falcons