Doug: Mailbag 9/19

Sep 19, 2010, 10:32 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

1080p is good enough, I use DVD/VCR combo, no DVR yet, I’m happy

More with less, happy with less

ASU audio sucked buttermilk


Everyone without a DVR is happy until they get one. Once you have one, you become retro-actively angry you didn’t have one

Hey Doug,

That endzone rule needs to be changed. CJ had possession and both feet down. Touchdown! To prove my point, if he does the exact same thing at the 1 yard line and reaches out and breaks the plane, it’s a touchdown. It’s such a stupid rule.


It’s a simple choice: do you like gray? With NFL refs being highly trained and well-paid, you could expect them to use common sense and say that’s a catch. If that’s how you feel, that’s a catch and a stupid rule.

The NFL doesn’t want gray area. They want the refs to judge every play with a hard and fast rule. The rule is in place and Johnson did not follow the rule. We can attack the league all we want but it’s not like this is a new rule. Johnson gets paid a lot of money to be prepared to play. When players don’t learn the rules, they put their team at a disadvantage.

Look, a win is a win.

Anderson threw for almost 300 yards. The defense stepped up all game.

As we progress the offense will become more in sync. The Cards have a 1 game lead in the NFC West over the Niners!


I agree but let’s not use the Rams win to judge the team with. The Cards are an average team in a bad division which should translate to 9 wins and a division championship.

Not gonna win the NFC West by losing 31-6 to Seattle, are you, S.F.? But, then again, barely squeaking by the Rams isn’t too promising, either. I really hope D.A. and Fitz can get on the same page quickly. Stevens-Howling looked pretty good.

Hope ya had a good weekend, Doug. Can’t wait for the show tomorrow morning.

Brother Murph

p:s: it’s good to have your power poll back.

Every week is a new week though. Let’s judge SF by the game Monday night.

Mr. Franz,

I was curious and I hope you’d ask this of John Clayton and the smarty-pants ESPN guys: “What is the 49ers’ magic number today?”


At least Clayton thought SF would win the division with 9 wins. It’s the Greenberg’s of the world who picked SF to go 12-4.

Doug. I think when you are evaluating derek anderson you have to remember that 12 incompletions that he had last week were to fitz and they clearly just weren’t in sync. DA’s gonna be ok. Is he listed as injured from last night? He took a lot of hits! -Keith in Glendale.

DA is an average QB that ignorant fans think should be perfect on every play. The Cards will be 9-7. They will win the division. If you went in to the Rams game thinking they would lose, you’re not knowledgeable about football. If you went in to the ATL game and thought they would win, then you’re not knowledgeable about football.

Wonder how Greenie is feeling about his NFC West, 49r love now?


picking SF to be 12-4 is worst prediction I’ve ever heard.


Don’t know if you remember the debacle last year with Larry’s Brother Marcus making some pretty asinine comments regarding Kurt not getting Larry the ball. Marcus was SORT OF at it again making some references last week but this time biting his tongue a bit better some comments he made “no comment RT@mollyMcManimie I’d be so frustrated if I was your bro. im dying for him” “feeling like a caged animal right now”

Thought u mind find that interesting.


Just by the nature of retweeting he’s trying to make his point. He has no idea what he’s doing because he’s either adding pressure to Larry or speaking for him.

Are you guys kidding me? Quit making it sound like Anderson was good. AWFUL! He is horrible. Hello 7-9 this year.


I never said he was good. I said the division is so bad the Cards will go 9-7. I also said I’m not going to judge DA by playing with the Browns because that’s not NFL

Virtually no reps with Fitz, Fitz is at about 75%, DA threw a number of times with multiple Rams defenders plowing into his chest, Steven Williams running the wrong routes, and Komar and Hightower both fumble the ball on drives that looked like were going to turn into points. And despite the struggles, on the TD drive that decided the game he went something like 10/14 for 101 and the TD. All things considered, I didn’t think he played all that bad last week.


No one can judge DA this week. Only HOF QB’s could succeed with this line.

He’s terrible. Sure he could throw a couple lasers down the field, but the guy couldn’t throw simple dump passes. He skipped at least 5 balls.


Let me try to educate you since this was the first football game you’ve ever seen. There’s a huge gap between terrible and average. DA is not good enough to overcome a bad O-Line, multiple penalties, a slow Fitz, bad tackling, and players not ready to play. DA is average, he is not terrible. There were quite a few mistakes he made and bad throws. If you’re going after DA for the loss with all the hits he was taking, please don’t vote in our national elections.

I know it’s a week old now but can you please explain the rule on the Calvin Johnson catch me, I am really confused now?


When you go to the ground while in the process of making a catch, you must control the ball throughout the play. This includes getting up from the ground. Here’s the official rule: A player who goes to the ground in the process of attempting to secure possession of a loose ball (with or without contact by a defender) must maintain control of the ball after he touches the ground, whether in the field of play or the end zone. If he loses control of the ball, and the ball touches the ground before he regains control, there is no possession.

I think someone needs to look at the fbook comments, and not funKaty. She keeps reading really poor comments on there and some people have some really good points. Most were saying relax w Anderson and give it time.

I don’t think she should choose the majority to read. She should read the dumb ones. If everyone was smart, I wouldn’t have a job.

Wolfley’s has a nice atmosphere lots of big TV’s, not too outrageously priced and for smokers, not Mrs or me, the best outdoor smoking patio I’ve seen expected from Wolf

Embarassed to say but I haven’t been there yet. Hoping to go for lunch this week.

Did my eyes deceive me or was that Sam Bradford that made the tackle on Kerry Rhodes last week after the interception?

I think it was.

Fun Katy read my post last week about Max Hall starting. I said we’d have to deal with DA’s inconsistency until NEXT YEAR when Max Hall starts. I obviously don’t know if he’ll start or not next year, but I wanted to let you know I have a little more sense than to start calling for the rookie already. DA threw for almost 300 yards and we won last week, so it clearly wasn’t that bad. I just randomly have a lot of Browns fans I talk to on twitter, and they’ve been laughing at me since we announced DA as the starter. I don’t think he’s terrible, but I do think he’s inconsistent. I think we should still win the division with him though.
Anyway, just wanted to clarify and mabye give you back a little faith in your listeners understanding of the game. Thanks for reading. I know you said you respond to all your emails, but I won’t be offended if you don’t. I know you’re busy. Have a great day.


You and I feel the same way about DA. For some reason I’ve lost a lot of people who want to say I’m a homer because I picked the Cards to go 9-7 and said DA’s an average QB. I don’t think I have a mindless audience.
I used to return every e-mail but now I return them through the mailbag. If you didn’t hear the story click the link at the top of the page.

Doug and Wolf:

I love your show and listen every morning but I for one can not revel in the exploits of one Ray Lewis. I have no choice but to accept the fact that he is in the league but I find it problematic that he ever is the face of his team, commerical endeavors or the NFL. This is still a man who was not forthcoming with the police in the wake of a MURDER investigation in which two people were killed and pled guilty to “obstruction of justice” in a murder investigation.

I still find it hard to believe that he received no suspension for pleading guilty to something that egregious while Ben Rothlisberger, who was not even charged, was suspended for six games and will serve a four game suspension. While his own career has prospered I can not help but think about the lives of the two men who went unfulfilled, and to whom, much to the efforts of Mr. Lewis, justice was denied.


First, we strongly disagree but thank you for listening. Our disagreement is completely wrapped in respect for your opinion because of the class you showed in the way you explained it. Let me see if I can walk you through to the other side.

1) I’m not reveling in the man but I’m amazed at Ray Lewis’ ability to play football.

2) Every man has a right to work in any industry after they’ve paid their debt to society. If you have a problem with him in the NFL, you should have a problem with the laws and sentencing of our country. Once you’re out of prison, we should want all ex-cons to make a living.

3) I agree with you that what he did was terrible and I thought he should have received a stronger sentence from the judge. However, to this day there’s been no one convicted of murder in the case so it’s clear to me the investigators didn’t do a great job anyway. They did get Lewis to testify. The DA only charged Lewis with a misdemeanor.

4) The Lewis situation was only a misdemeanor so no matter how upset you are at him, how much can you expect from the NFL to punish someone on a misdemeanor? Remember, Goodell was not the Commissioner at the time. Lewis received the highest fine of any NFL player. Under Tagliabue, that was a significant penalty.

5) You should look at Roethlisberger differently because it happened after Lewis. Goodell came in and started dropping the hammer because of his belief that Lewis and Leonard Little got off too easy.

The crap that people are talking about DA is so annoying! Every QB is going to throw incompletions! Seriously. I think they should play fitz but just as a presence so that breaston isn’t double teamed. Just keep fitz’s plays short routes. He’s still a threat esp in the endzone.

Keith in Glendale

I wish I could convince people what AVERAGE means. He’s not that good and you saw it @Atlanta. He’s not that bad and you saw it @STL. If the Cards tackled well, didn’t commit dumb penalties, and the O-Line knew what time the game was, it would have been a close game. I think there’s a lot of people hating and a lot of people making excuses. I picked ATL to win the game for a reason. DA was only a small reason.

Last week you said there 4 teams out of 32 road teams that won but there could be only 16 road teams that could win not 32 doug

Brooklyn Joey

Actually, that’s not what I said. I said, “There were only 4 teams out of the 32 that won on the road, granted 16 were at home.” Since there are 32 teams in the league, I was right and I did throw out a bone in case I confused someone.

First off I would like to congratulate ASU on their win on Saturday. I know what the score was but if not for the horrible officiating, ASU by 14 should have been the score.

It was almost unbearable to watch, talk about getting homered. Look forward to you hammering the ref’s on Monday morning.


I won’t be hammering the refs. Anyone who hammers the refs knows nothing about football. ASU dropped a pass in the end zone, missed 4 points in the kicking game, had a chance to down 3 punts inside the 5 and tripped over the letter “W” on a breakaway run.

If people have such a hard time with the refs, blame the Pac-10. In non-conference games most teams bring their own refs. In the Pac-10, they don’t allow other conferences to bring their own refs so when Pac-10 teams travel, they’re forced to deal with hometown refs.

Last week, one morning there was a song playing during Doug & Wolf. It was a guitar playing and you stated it started a fire inside. Can you remember the artist and title? For the short period it played, it sounded awesome…

Don’t remember for sure but I think it was Nickleback. Keep listening and e-mail me the second you hear it.

Doug and Wolf –

First off love the show! A couple of weeks ago I heard you guys discussing when in the Bay area folks need to get to a particular restaurant. Was it Scomas? Need to try the seafood linguine? Going to be in San Francisco next weekend.


That was it. I haven’t been there before but everyone who talks about it just raves.

What do you win in your knock-out pool? Must be nice, cause you’re not picking Saints, but 2nd pick would be GB.


You win the pride of embarrassing your friends. I didn’t really pick GB. I pick whoever is playing BUF, it just happened to be GB.

I thought Wolfley promised Jeff Munn he would be the callout for Friday.


He did. He also promised he’d get a Mohawk.

Though I am sure you do not spend your free time reading the comments posted to sports articles but the comments from the 49er fans on some of the articles in the Chronicle this morning sure are fun to chuckle at. GO ASU.


I don’t have any free time during football season. All I do is watch games and write in the mailbag.

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