Doug: Notes from Cardinals close win over Raiders

Sep 27, 2010, 3:14 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm


Before KO, all I care about is if Dockett shows up…have to wait till I find out since Cards get ball first

Couldn’t have predicted that start…I guess I do get to see Dockett

Easy call on the PI if it was on the illegal pick…couldn’t hear ref’s mic to know who they called it on though

Nice hole for Hightower

Why no PI on the 3rd down attempt?

11:46 left in first…Wolf’s on big screen

Crowd hated PF call on Wilson but it was the right call…I do think the ref should have blown the whistle

That TD was so easy to see coming as soon as Miller went into motion showing he had man coverage on Wilson…I love Bill Davis but I pray he didn’t really think A-Dub could cover a TE in single coverage

Had single coverage on Fitz on screen pass…would have liked to see DA take a shot on that one

Anyone remember the last 3rd down conversion for Cards?

Great stand by defense…shld b good field position

Never mind…special teams giveth and taketh away today

3rd & goal…all eyes on docket…OAK TO

Another good defensive stand…10-7 OAK


Thought the PI on the Williams route was uncatchable…if they called D-holding or illegal contact, sorry…can’t hear ref’s mic

Cards streak of no 3rd down conversions goes to 87:39

10-10 after FG

Dockett not in…guess he’s tired from not doing anything

Great play from DRC to stop TD

You have to block a kick that was that low…no interior push on the Janikowski…13-10 OAK

What a terrible call on the PI with 1:35 left. Clearly that was PI on Williams and not the Raiders…Fitz looked open on the play

Great block by Duece picking up the twist

Steven Williams ends the streak without a 3rd down conversion @ 91:16

End of 1st ……13-10 OAK

New streak on dropped pass…couldn’t tell if it was a busted play

4th down was converted but there should have been a PF on Lutui for picking someone off the pile

Great run by Wells. Got to the outside despite run blitz. LB’s caught in trash.

Wanted play-action on 2&G got Wells stuffed

Outstanding play design on TD. Play looked like it would be spread ‘em out and hand it off but DA rolled out after play-fake and hit Breaston. 17-13 AZ

So far

It’s unbelievable that wasn’t a PF on Calais. The way they protect QB’s, I’m shocked.

Receivers are open all over the place against this defense today. So much for a team meeting.

Not the time to go deep on 2nd & 12…sideline phone must have rang and Al wanted to go long…now you’re left with 3rd & 12

What is Roberts doing? What a waste of a 3rd round pick.

5:52 left 1st H

Wright just dropped potential 3rd down conversion…As the ASU sideline reporter, I see more dropped passes than anyone

Great hustle by Lennon to be back in position to make the pick.

What was that from DA? He has to learn he’s not good enough to make Favre-type special plays. Just take what the defense gives you and if it’s not there, take the sack.

Looks like the defense thought halftime was coming sooner than the clock said.

Terrible decision to go for QB sneak with no TO’s left

This defense has been a waste of time for 6 quarters.

Halftime 20-17 OAK

2nd & 18 draw…the only reason you call that is because you don’t believe in the O-Line and you need to make the D-Line think of something else

This game is boring.

DA threw the shovel pass again? Did he not learn?

Impressive D-stand…of course there’s no docket

Missed FG could hurt. This game’s too close to leave points on board

WOW. DA looks good on this drive. Going through progressions much better

Good balance on this drive.

Brandon Keith made a great tackle on Hightower. Brandon: Block the white team or get out of the way.

Very accurate pass to Fitz on the TD. Leave that high and Fitz gets rocked and might lose the ball.

1:01 left in 3rd 24-20 AZ

Everyone will yell at DRC on the punt but that’s on Roberts. He did nothing to tell his teammates the ball was close

Dockett’s play was incredible

Bad PI…Toler completely blew that play

Why are the refs talking, that was clearly a false start…never mind…delay of game

Congrats to Toler. It’s rare you’ll see a team make it so obvious what they think of another team’s player. He was picked on the whole drive and made the last two plays.

24-23 AZ 7:51 left

Terrible KO protect…no room to run

2&21 after FS and Facemask

Check that 3&21

Really don’t like the decision to challenge the catch on the defensive penalty…it’s a first down either way and now you’ve lost a TO that you’ll probably need in a close game

Huge 3rd & 1 penalty

Ohh…Rashad…you’ve got to catch that INT to keep Janikowski off the field

Thought he made it when it left his foot

Interesting OAK is in no hurry…they’re milking clock thinking they don’t want to leave time after a Janikowski kick…I hate that strategy

Absolutely the right call on the PI on DRC. No one likes it but he did have a hand in there and the refs have been calling PI all game.

Doug Franz

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Doug: Notes from Cardinals close win over Raiders