Doug: Notes on Cardinals loss to Seahawks

Oct 25, 2010, 3:16 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

Cardinals at Seahawks

Campbell stood up his guy and made a nice tackle

How did Clark get unaccounted for, he was 3pt

Huge play for Lynch…3 missed tackles

Jennifer just noticed how few players on SEA’s O or AZ’s D is wearing the pink…figures she sees it

Nice 1st down run by Lynch off tackle

FS at the one

WOW! Darnell Dockett knew what time the game was. Even Eric Byrnes got a hit every now and then

Branch came off the end to stop the play. AB blew by Locklear

DRC didn’t even need to be off sides…he blocked that with his armpit

FG good…3-0 SEA

Just announced Okung is out for the game

Time for MAX Hallll!

Hightower is running well this year…good speed to the outside

Where in the world was Max throwing that? That was worse than a rookie pass

When I told you in the pre-season that Alan Branch was really playing well, I never thought he’d have a season like this. Great pressure.


Max? he was wide open.

I’m running on 3rd & 9. I don’t trust Max right now.

Ohh…Max…relax…way too quick with that throw

To show how great Graham is, when have you ever seen him shank it like that?

A third play by Dockett!!…maybe the defense has come to play today

Who was that that came in unblocked…I think it was Clark…O’line play isn’t communicating for SEA

C’mon Calais, pay attention to the little things

D-Wash! Great timing on the delayed blitz

Roberts what are you doing? Why did you fair catch that?

Really need the O-line to step up

No one stepped up but punts aren’t bad

Great punt…that’s what Ben Graham is supposed to be

Branch again! He’s all over the place

Really getting pressure up the middle

Williams almost broke a 3 man tackle

End of 1 3-0 SEA

Good PR from Roberts…shocked he didn’t drop it

Too much pressure getting to a rookie QB

I actually think Fitz should have caught that…should Hall throw his hands up in frustration?

Punt in the end zone…not good

SEA ball

Tackle Lynch! Calais you have to keep contain!

Billick has no idea what he’s doing

Hagans has had a great year…that’s how you string out a play

Calais was relentless…he was held on this sack and dbl-teamed

I got nervous on the Forsett draw

Roberts what are you doing? Either let that go in the end zone or go straight up the field and at least get to the 25 with no jukes…this guy isn’t even good enough to be labeled a bust

I like how Hightower is carrying the football with two hands

Max’s accuracy is erratic…you have to complete that pass to Doucet

Beautiful play design on the quick screen to hyphen

Hightower again…he looks great

Can I actually jinx a running back?

What a terrible fumble

SEA 3-0 7:30 2nd Q

I don’t believe it. Alan Branch has played his best game as a pro and it’s only been 24 minutes of the game .

Roberts?? Why is this guy on the team? I said from the first practice I saw at training camp he’s not an NFL player. I think the Cards are going to lose and there’s still 35 minutes left. AZ isn’t good enough to overcome Andre Roberts

How did Porter miss that INT?

Great catch by Williams. It’s amazing he’s been brought back from the dead. Give a ton of credit to Carroll for having faith in him.

10-0 SEA 5:46 2nd Q

Hall to Fitz, finally

Brandon Keith did nothing. Why is he chipping when someone’s blowing by him?

Nice catch by Roberts…I’d still cut him

Defense really looks good


Why not call your 2nd TO? I know it’s 3rd& short but aren’t you telling your defense you don’t believe in them?

SEE…AZ lost 40 seconds and now your using your TO

Actually a decent return by Roberts…I’d still cut him

AZ ball 1 TO 10-0 SEA :42 sec

Hall’s accuracy is just not there…poor pass to Hightower

I don’t like to pass it on the first play. SEA has all three TO’s. Run it first and see how far you get to determine whether you have a realistic chance for a FG. If you get stuffed, it makes them use TO’s

Great catch by Roberts…I’d still cut him…wait, they ruled it incomplete

AZ punt…with holding call that will end the half

Hasselbeck took a knee

End of half

10-0 SEA

2nd H

Sack—please don’t tell me that play was really designed for Spach to be set-up 1-on-1 with a LB in pass protect

Max grabbed his facemask but still looked for the ball

SEA ball 10-0 14:06

Big time sack…that might force them to kick a FG

It did

13-0 SEA 12:11

Kicked kick-off!

I don’t believe it. I love Jason Wright but this can’t happen.

These teams are so bad compared to the rest of football.

SEA ball

Another incredible stick by the defense

FG good…never mind…hold

FG good…never mind…hold on the same guy

Now it’s good 16-0

WOW! Fitz is alive

Wells running hard

More Wells

More Wells

I think Beanie’s the new game plan…3 straight runs for TD

They should have gone for 2. It’s not like they can score points at will. Not going for two is saying you can drive twice on SEA. It’s already been proven they can’t so why not go for two?

Big play to Forsett…hit someone DRC

Nice play by RJ…I really like Johnson…it’s good to see him play well

FG good…unreal DRC is off-side again

1st down SEA

It’s time to announce there are 3 wild card teams in the NFC. No division winner from the West gets to go.

Why is Strahan on? Is there any bigger sign FOX knows how back Billick and Myers are so they have to bring in an interview?

Branch just got a QB hit…he’s been unbelievable Hey DRC just did something right.

Defense has been amazing

19-7 SEA

Great return by hyphen…boy AZ needed that

DA with touch to Roberts…what was more unbelievable, a good pass from DA or Roberts actually catching the ball

Huge 3rd & goal play

Doucet dropped it but I don’t think he was going to get in

FG is good 19-10 SEA 14:48 4th Q

Not the time for a good KOR

Good Lynch run…defense needs a turnover…it’s unfair to ask because they’ve played great but it’s the only way AZ wins

Calais was perfect…he didn’t have contain there so he attacked down the line and made the play

Someone text me the first time DRC makes a big hit tackle

2nd play in a row they’re going right at DRC

Calais missed another tackle…should have been a PF on Dockett—he dropped his head into Lynch’s helmet as the whistles were blowing

Don’t know why that line is there…the computer keeps putting it there and I can’t get rid of it

Just missed that Williams catch trying to screw with Microsoft word

Great move by Lynch to stay in bounds…I never would have thought Lynch could do something intelligent but he did

Delay of game

A-DUB…you can’t drop that pick

Another red zone stuff by the defense

I’d go for this. A TD ends the game…a FG doesn’t do much

Never mind…not doing it after the delay of game

FG SEA…22-10 7:28 4th Q

Was hoping for a big return and didn’t get it

I love the Burger King guy

Wasn’t Keith supposed to at least bump Babineaux?

I know it was a screen but you have to at least pretend to stop the rush.

DA is not a running QB and Levi makes him one

Great call on the PF…I’m tired of the soccer flop coming to other sports

Hey camera man…move the camera as the pass is thrown

Right through Doucet’s hands…I know it wasn’t well thrown but you have to catch that pass

Amazing Hightower got any yards on that screen…terribly blocked

I agree with going for it on the 4th down

DA threw it scared…he had all three receivers open but threw it early and the O-Line was terrible as it has been all game

SEA ball 22-10 5:43 in 4th

Toler fell on his back…I’m shocked they threw it there…why not eat clock?

That line is back…it shows up at the end of every page

Nice PF Dockett…since you haven’t done anything in 2 hrs you had to show us you’re still playing

Good containment Porter…he’s been so over-rated…great playcall on the Hassellbeck boot

Holding penalty was a good call

D-Wash was very aggressive on that stuff

Another play by D-Wash

They said Hall was replaced due to a blow to the head but he was on the sideline listening to the play calls in his helmet

Any chance to win they must hold on 3rd & 12

They didn’t. Branch wasn’t in. Toler missed a tackle…that was ball game

Good decision to go for it. I would have thrown it there. You don’t want a FG block ret for TD so you go. Once you’re going for it, why not score?

Komar got nailed

Lennon just looked pissed

Komar got nailed again

Ball game

22-10 loss

Doug Franz

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Doug: Notes on Cardinals loss to Seahawks