Doug: Notes on Cardinals home loss to Bucs

Nov 1, 2010, 3:47 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

Wished hyphen would have cut back right on the KO…course my vantage point is easy on that

Wonderful to establish the run that quick

Hall actually went through his progressions

DON’T throw that pass…oh, I hope he knew it was off-sides and was taking a chance

Lot’s of quick passes…good game plan

Why challenge that with 15 still on the playclock? Let your booth have more time to look at it before making your decision. I don’t think they’ll overturn this anyway.


Getting pressure with only 4 rushing

Forced to dump on 3rd down

Pretty long kick for a shank

0-0 11:03 in 1st

What a terrible route run by Fitz. Why did he slow down? Should Hall throw his hands up in frustration? Will Max not re-sign with AZ now that Fitz ran a bad route, Jaworski?

Excellent job looking off the zone defense by Max. He knew Wells was all he had but he never sold out the play.

Not a good pass to Larry. You can get him killed leading him too far over the middle.

Impossible to improve on that pass to Fitz—over the LB and under the safety

Great call on the reverse…even better block by Patrick

Amazing feet by Larry…Hall aimed that to make sure and almost missed it

Hall’s 1st TD pass

7-0 AZ…9 plays…61y

That’s one of the top 5 holds of the year on the KO

Another play by Alan Branch…the guy has been incredible…what do the Cards do with this guy? Over the course of three years he doesn’t deserve any money at all for free agency. Over the course of 2010, he deserves big money.

Great tackle on 3rd down to get off the field

Andre…don’t do that again…catch that bounce and go out of bounds

7-0 AZ…4:56 left 1st

All the screams for more Wells and guess who blows his assignment…Wells. I hope we can stop the demand for more Wells now. That should have been an easy pick-up. That was a young QB mistake. Hall felt the pressure and tried to make something happen when nothing was there. It takes months for a new QB to learn not to be a hero and just take the sack.

7-7…4:15 1st Q

Very conservative calls on that drive…probably a good thing.

Freeman is telegraphing the plays. When it’s a run, he doesn’t scan the defense because he knows he doesn’t have to.

Roberts was close to a penalty. You can’t fair catch and run, that’s delay of game.

Wells was upset someone missed a block but I couldn’t tell who it was.

End of 1st 7-7

Good pass…even though it was incomplete it would have been a Wright catch or incomplete…that’s progress

Great play call and recognition to get it to Fitz for the conversion

This drive just hit a wall of penalties and bad execution

Punt……….HEY……..Hyphen with the recovery

1st & 10 ball on 16

Wright underneath the coverage for 8yds

GREAT 2nd down run when you consider Lutui was a waste on the play

Another great Wells run since no one blocked in the A gap

You better get the ball in when you pull Fitz out and bring in all that beef into the backfield…TD

14-7 AZ…4 plays…16 yds

Nice KO…touchback

Great playfake from Freeman…didn’t see the D-holding

Freeman doing a better job of buying time in the pocket without bailing…it was only a 2 yard gain but better than the alternative

OUCH!…Greg Toler was snooping in the backfield

3 plays in 80 yds for the TD

14-14 8:59 2nd Q

I love it when they roll Max out…while I was typing, I thought it gained more than 4 yards.

Hall kept his eyes down field, stepped up to avoid the blitz and had great accuracy for the 1st down

What is he not seeing? There was a CB and a safety right there. Just a terrible decision.

DA’s warming up

21-14 TB 6:25 2nd Q

Here’s DA

I blew the call on that one. I thought it was incomplete. Huge play for DA and the Cards.

The interior of the O-line isn’t getting it done. I’d love to see Fanaca play to the level of the hype.

Good play call on 3rd down. Bad execution by Sendlein. He didn’t complete the block and Wright was tackled.

I agree with going for it because your defense has played well. Yes that 3 play drive was atrocious but you have to look at the whole game.

Why not call time out? Use your time outs before the 2 minute warning so you force more plays before the warning.

Big failure by the defense on 3rd down

Another big failure by the defense

Another big failure by the defense (I recant…should have kicked FG if the defense is this bad)

Great pass by Freeman, terrible drop

I didn’t see the PI on the A-Dub INT

Atrocious play by the defense to allow a FG when the drive started at the 2

24-14 HT

Bad coverage but good tackle to start 3rd Q

Can’t make a hole much bigger than that

Good play by Calais to shed his back

I’m going deep on 3rd & 1 if I’m TB. Take advantage of the 10 point lead.

Looked like a play fake and a roll out with deep options before the penalty…now it’s 3rd & 6

Ouch…1st down

Two nice sticks on run defense for 3rd and 7

Terrible dropped pass…should have been a first down

Good punt…good return

24-14 TB…10:52 3rd

Perfect pass from DA…maybe DA should come in as a back-up every game

When you hit a $14 million man in the hands, pls catch the football

Quick screen on 3rd and 10 isn’t a bad play call…every pass play before that was…RUN the football!

Ignorant play by Iwebema…the ball checked up so what are you diving for…it’s not college

24-14 TB…9:22 3rdQ

Good pursuit by Dockett on the Blount comeback

Thought Dockett was going to get there…instead it’s a 5 yrd gain

Outstanding play call if your offensive line is playing well. It would be nice to see the D-line do something

Even worse…Freeman has all day…Dockett is Eric Byrnes

TB just ran right at Dockett. Shows what they think of him.

This D-Line is a waste of time…Big run by Freeman

Blount’s a beast…bad human being but good RB…TD

31-14 TB 4:35 3rd

Hey!!! A running play!!

I like the quick screens. Love them even more if they were run off of play-action from a successful running game.

Good play call on the Utah pass…wish Patrick hadn’t made the tackle

DA looked off the safety and threw it to an area where it couldn’t be intercepted…good call, good decision

A RUNNING TD! Great trap block by Patrick to make it a first down run. Good block by Fitz to make it a TD

31-21 TB…55 sec…3rd

Horrible tackle by Dockett…never mind…FMB!…TD Hayes

TB challenge but I think ball’s out

31-28 TB…33 sec

There’s a Dan Williams sighting. He completely stuffed a double team on his own and made the tackle

End of 3rd 31-28 TB

Still terrible pressure by the d-line but great tackle by Rhodes

FS for TB’s 7th penalty…1st & 15

Good containment by LB’s to keep it to a 2 yard gain

Great defensive stand…everyone needed to see that

Still 12 minutes left and TB’s out of timeouts

Good return on the punt

31-28 TB….11:37 4th Q…AZ ball on TB48

So close to an INT and it becomes 1st & goal

Breaston stays down after play…just got his career high in yards

1st and 10…ball’s on 12

I like the play call on the misdirection but it didn’t work

Scary pass to Doucett and now he’s down…took some shots to the mid-section

I hate that play call and it scores a TD. A college quick screen with a WR blocking but it worked to Fitz.

35-31 AZ…9:41 4th

Two pass plays for 1st downs

Dockett made the tackle while being held…I give him credit

3rd & 3 and the noise is coming through the glass of the press box

1st down underneath…maybe too early, they want to measure

That was horrific defense by Rhodes. He was standing flat-footed as the WR approached and didn’t start running until after the WR ran by him

TD run up the gut

38-35 TB…5:13 4th

DA almost got hyphen killed. It is the QB’s job to see the LB there and not to throw that pass. I’d rather have Max hall throw picks but keep receivers alive.

INT for Ruud.

Why not at least attempt to go to the end zone? There’s too much time left to run out the clock.

Bad sack taken by Freeman. Now the kick is 53 yards.


PI…good call but I can’t believe how late the flag was

Almost another INT. I thought these new jerseys would make it easier to see your own teammates.

Great move by Breaston…now in FG range to tie and going for the win

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Another pick!!!!!!!!!!!!DA forced it into Fitz

What a play by Blount! That leap was incredible.

Two stuffs in front of an empty house…there’s no one here

TB to punt

38-35 TB…:55 sec

Good quick dump as long as you get out-of-bounds…ball on 24

Threw to Fitz in triple coverage…thank goodness it just fell incomplete

Fumble recovery by Brown

Why is DA doing signals? It’s sandlot football now. Run a play

Game over…horrible loss…Wells had 16 carries

Doug Franz

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Doug: Notes on Cardinals home loss to Bucs