Doug: Notes on Cardinals OT loss to Vikings

Nov 7, 2010, 10:39 PM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

AZ wants to receive

Yes…a run for Hightower, matching the number of runs from last week…oh Ben! Hold will probably kill the drive

Sack complete breakdown by O-line

Good play to Fitz…get him involved and get more room for the punt…don’t want DA trying to complete 3rd & 21 from inside 20

Nice punt but where’s the coverage? It was Leach v. the world


0-0 12:25 1st

Quick route to Berrian, where was DRC?

SACK…Peterson completely whiffed on Porter pick-up

Good call to run after sack…Peterson middle

Favre PICK…Oh no…yelled “Look out” 3 times and “hold on to the ball” twice


Harvin ate up A-Dub…Wilson had a great game against the Rams and has been a waste of time since

Williams took on two blockers and was in on Peterson tackle

Sack! We have a Dockett sighting!



Yes…another Hightower run

INT, horrible pass…oh it was dropped…Cards win challenge

Threw pass too early…let Breaston get deeper and that’s 1st down

Punt…horrible coverage…punt coverage is terrible today…couldn’t see who ran past the bounce


Dockett off-sides

Branch threw his block away and ran down the line to catch Peterson…great angle, strength and speed

Push by O-line and Peterson…A-Dub dancing and not hitting

What a hit by Paris Lenon…Gerhart never got hit like that in college

Punting on 4th & 1 inside the 50? Favre? Peterson? Bad decision…now a penalty

Punt…downed at 1…Vikes special teams killing AZ


0-0 3:54 1st

Hightower worked hard for 1 yard gain and avoided sack

No push at all by the O-line

3rd & 9 completion…amazing pass by DA into triangle coverage

Sendlein just got annihilated but DA stepped away for 9yrds…found Breaston

No O-line push again LSH loses one

LSH bad route adjust…little high but not a bad pass…Fitz open underneath

Punt…great move by Graham to get away from pressure…again no coverage


End of 1st 0-0 Minn ball

There was no one on the screen covering Berrian…Toler gave a 12 yard cushion…1st down

Good coverage by DRC…inc

Quick out to Harvin…what was Hayes doing…he fell asleep…should have been 5 yrd gain and got 25

Campbell’s best play this year…penetrated…dislodged from block…stopped Peterson

Why is Favre complaining…clearly delay

Swing pass to Peterson…no one anywhere near him…TD…bad tackle angle by Toler

7-0 Min 12:17


TD!!! LSH wasn’t touched…the whole was huge…special teams needed that

7-7 12:04


Bad kick…ball on 36

Someone blew up Favre on the out…it was Campbell, could have been helmet-2-helmet

Smooth from Peterson…center destroyed B-Rob

Deep ball…good throw…thought it was 6…excellent play from Rhodes

Roll-out to Lewis…Toler with tackle…just a perfect offensive play

WR screen…poor pursuit

Big hit from Porter…Peterson wiffed again…complete to Harvin…A-Dub can’t cover anyone

Peterson made Dockett look silly…good play by Johnson to stop TD

Gerhart is so strong…off-right tackle

Showed blitz too early…could hear Favre “zero…zero…zero”…what a pass over Porter’s head…lucky

Gerhart fell…should have been TD

Branch and Lenon stopped Peterson…don’t know why they’re measuring

I’d go for it…you either get 7 or DA is on his own 2…

FG good…10-7 MIN 6:24 2nd


Ball on 19

Off-side 1st & 5

LSH middle…I’d love to see the O-Line block someone

Wells in for first time

Good play by DA…avoided rush and threw it away from LB on
Fitz back shoulder

Bad timing with Wells…again O-line does nothing

Only a 2 yard gain because Keith was destroyed with speed rush

DA changed play due to blitz…MIN dropped out of blitz and smothered Roberts…just great defensive mind games with a
below average QB

Punt…decent coverage


10-7 2:54 2nd on 24

Reverse…perfect contain by Lenon and Davis…2nd & 18

Good pressure…forced dump off to Peterson…crap…off-sides…instead of 3rd and 17 it’s 2nd & 13

Shiancoe was 3 yards down the field before the snap…FS…back to 2nd & 18

Dump to Harvin…great tackle by Adams…Dockett hurt

Big gain from Harvin but short of 1st…Alberts said 1st TO…interesting since AZ used one 4 seconds earlier

Punt…WOW what a boomer


10-7 MIN 1:30

What the hell was that? I’ve never seen Fitz that open

Nice job O-line—no one could see delay blitz because Faneca got tied up…I guess Faneca used to be really good

Fitz is really good

Stepped up in pocket very well to Fitz

Outstanding play by Sheppard…could have been big gain for Doucet

:45 seconds

Good decision by DA to run with horrible O-line

:37 seconds

Hightower did a great job picking up the blitz…good move by Roberts…congrats to a kid who’s been terrible this year…nice block by Breaston…TD 14-10 AZ

With a QB as good as Favre, you don’t even take one shot down the field?

End of half, 14-10 AZ


Adams TD…I thought he was down…welcome to the NFL Schofield…his butt was still off the ground…great call by the officials

21-10 AZ

Dockett slow to get off block…Favre quick out

Toler again is so far off the WR

Lenon read the WR screen, was in perfect position and completely got juked…Harvin killed Rhodes

Harvin slipped but he wasn’t going anywhere

FS…looked like the Cards knew about penalty and refs were going to let it go…2nd & 15

Excellent play by Porter…run a draw there with Peterson and set up an easier 3rd down…bad call

Incredible defense…AZ showed blitz from Favre’s left…when protection was changed, AZ brought pressure from Favre’s right…forced Favre to throw early



21-10 10:49 3rd Q

Wonderful run by Hightower…used moves and power…he’s playing very well

Had hightower open in flat but smart move to run

Very poor play design…tried misdirection but there was no timing in backfield

Good play call to take a shot down the field but DA threw it way too early…can’t blame him for not trusting O-line but O-line has played well in second half

Fitz drop due to good play by defense…great throw from DA but had someone underneath

Punt…terrible coverage again


CPU melt down…Porter ate LT’s lunch…Favre picked by Johnson

21-10 AZ

Outstanding work by O-line on 3rd down…Lutui was incredible…great catch by Breaston

DA moving well but staying calm now…just finding yards and making 3rd down easier

Great play call…MIN is getting frustrated, they sell out to get to the QB and CKW goes with a quick WR screen

Now right back to the running game…Hightower is having game of the season…easily could have fumbled after getting spun around

Moose just made a great point about Allen…where’s Jared

Amazing catch by Fitz

AZ calls timeout…couldn’t see play clock but there was only :21 seconds left in 3rd…why not let clock run out and save a TO

Breaston stayed very calm as the play could have been blown up…CKW having a good game

Would like to see Brown do something on Allen…inc

Big whole from the O-line…good explosion from
Hightower…notice two hands on the ball…1st & goal

No hole there and Hightower still got 4 yrds

No back side block…if you’re going to run that play you might need Wells to run that…CKW might run a reverse later in the game

22yd FG 24-10 AZ


12:36 4th Q

Ohhh….thought it could be PI on Toler

Perfect pass to Peterson…let him run after the catch…good check down

Slant was dropped…I hope the flag isn’t on Johnson…didn’t see the PI camera was slow…saw it on replay

Getting worried…Brett looks comfortable

Never mind…easy tackle…Goose ripped Favre for staying with that play

Favre now taking what defense gives him

Brought four on the rush and Favre stepped up and threw back over middle…amazing throw

Favre pumped left and threw back right…great throw and the ball was dropped…no chance at a pick

Gave Favre way too much time for 6 yrd gain…#4 looks great on this drive

What was that? Almost had to take back everything I said…terrible decision by Favre

4th & 4…big play

Rush 4 and had time…Harvin for 6 yards…I agree with Bill Davis not to blitz…2 TD lead it’s good to drop in coverage and hope Favre screws up

I didn’t say prevent! Where’s the coverage on the comeback route?

Now Favre is very comfortable…I’d blitz now in the red zone

Still brought only 4 and Peterson fought for 1st down…Favre is going right down the field

Favre’s too old for that…a real life Favre bootleg…Dockett got hurt tackling Favre?

Peterson was so open in the flat and Favre forced under pressure

3rd & G

That wasn’t a TD?

4th & G

Paris Lenon was outstanding stopping the TE


24-10 AZ 6:18 4th Q

Just eat clock now…you know Favre’s going to get a TD so eat as much clock as you can so he can’t get 2

DA sneak…good call

Hightower…didn’t like anything he needs to cut-back in end zone but he got out

DA was flipping out on the delay but it’s only a 6 inch penalty…have some game awareness

Terrible drop…it stops the clock as well…normally I’d rip the play call but it was such a safe throw that I won’t

Graham punted…I think you should take a safety there…too much risk for a block for TD


24-10 AZ 4:39 4th Q from AZ 40

AZ in prevent in front of Wilson…I agree with prevent when you’re up by 2 TD’s

Favre’s amazing…handled low snap and got first down

Perfect pass to Shiancoe…I knew Favre would score

Peterson off tackle…TD with 3:34 left…if Hightower
doesn’t drop that pass there would be 2:50 left

24-17 AZ 3:34 4th Q

LSH to 24…1sst & 10

Great stuff by Henderson

MIN TO…3:24 4th Q…need 3 1st downs to win

Draw doesn’t work to Hightower…I completely agree with the call but Allen just made a good play to slow the draw…it was LSH on draw

MIN last TO…3:19

Fitz runs slant and doesn’t get first

Punt…good coverage…penalty…block in the back—terrible call


24-17 AZ MIN ball on 23 2:24 left

Huge gain but he’s tackled in bounds

Terrible clock management to not get ball spiked or run a play before 2 min warning

A screen to Peterson…so smart…there’s no way AZ is ready for that…first AZ blitz in 3 drives

Sack by Porter despite falling down…1:00 min left

Favre again to Shiancoe

Sneak for 1st down and flag stops clock…penalty of illegal shift

TD…Favre did it again…this defense is getting gashed

Unbelievable what defense is allowing

24-24 :27 seconds


No chance can DA lead this team for a FG

Sacked twice…need some grown men on this O-line

——end of regulation——-

Fitz wins coin flip

Tough throw under pressure…why not run the football…OT is not hurry up…you’re not trailing…don’t get emotional…get first downs…let that defense rest

Another pass and a sack…RUN THE FOOTBALL!…you’re line can’t stop this rush…just get first downs, move the ball and either get the FG or at least flip field position

Another sack…you have to pass on 3rd and long but that sack was set-up but the play-calling

Just heard MIN had 6 sacks going into game and 6 sacks today



24-24 13:38 OT ball on Min 31

I have no doubt in my mind MIN is winning this game

Peterson and O-line gash for 30…WOW a running play in OT, what a novel concept

Another run…no flag for hold

Toler with his huge gap again and a 20 yrd gain…it’s over

Another run…I didn’t know you can run the football in OT

Peterson again

Peterson again

FG…ball game…27-24

Doug Franz

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Doug: Notes on Cardinals OT loss to Vikings