Doug: Notes on Cardinals loss to 49ers

Nov 30, 2010, 4:09 AM | Updated: Jan 12, 2011, 7:40 pm

It’s cold in the press box…Larry Bowa’s here…talked for
about 20 min

Good KO

SF from 20 yard line

B-Rob manhandled in the middle…Gore for 23

Good play call on flare to Gore…bad timing

Where’s the OPI?…inc

FS SF…3rd & 15

Embarrassing to give up a 15 yard draw on 3rd & 15

WOW…I didn’t know Porter could play football…good contain
and still gave up 4

B-rob spun around again but Lenon saved him…leaves 3rd & 4

Good decision by Smith to move chains…defense is a waste
of time

Bad drop by Crabtree…you spend all week to set up Lenon v
Crabtree and you blow it

Two bad plays and now a good one as B-rob slipped block
and got Gore for a loss

Dockett’s name showing up early

Missed FG

AZ on -38 0-0 9:48 1st Q

Wells gets forced fumble

SF scored on 1st play…any safeties?

7-0 SF 9:35 1st Q

Mortar kick didn’t work

AZ -31 7-0 9:29 1st Q

Thank goodness Hightower is in

Fitz in single coverage?…6y gain

Flea flicker was wide open but Levi got burnt so bad
Haralson was in the pitch lane and Hightower couldn’t
pitch it…the play worked cause Fitz and Breaston was open

Wells with the deep wheel route

Levi standing up doing nothing as Hightower runs by…leaves
3rd & 3

Terrible pass hangs Tim out to dry…4th & 3

Jay 31y FG

7-3 SF 5:56 1st Q

D-Wash in bad lane big return SF -45

SF O-Line killing B-rob and Branch so far…Gore +9

Haggans off-side…1st & 10 SF +40

Bad hold not called vWilliams…hard corner route for 1st

Good pressure forced throw away

DRC getting lit up

Gerald Hayes completely miss read the play and got nailed
by the guard in the hole…Gore +8

Westbrook +2…1st & G

T.O. SF 7-3 SF 1:36 1st Q

Good hustle by Rhodes…would have liked to see a LB stay
home though

Hayes and Lenon were great on the play…leaves 3rd & G from

TD Dixon

14-3 SF…:29s 1st Q

LSH to 31

CB read the run and blitzed past Breaston…Tim -3

Good spot…Roberts was just short…4th & 1…should punt as
much as CKW will want to go for it

SF on -22

Huge 3 & out…rip the defense for the play to this point
but that was solid

Bad move Breaston going backwards on punt

AZ -17; SF 14-3; 11:16 2nd Q

DA wasn’t hit and threw a duck 10 ft over the FB’s head

Wells turned nothing into 2

DA 102 mph…inc

Special teams is awful tonight

SF +42; SF 14-3; 10:07

Wasn’t watching…talking to Keith Law about the Tulo report

6 yard gain on a 1 step drop?

Defense is either slow or weak…Westbrook should not look
this fast

SF 21-3; 7:15 2nd Q

AZ -39;

Wells LT +5

Great catch by Fitz on another bad throw

Good push…+8 for Wells

Levi hold

What an amazing play by Breaston to steal an INT

Fitz on curl but still very late delivery

Good call…he dropped the TD

Lutui took an hour to pull…3rd & 13

DA 104 mph

Jay 39 FG

SF 21-6; 2:16 2nd Q

Dan Williams is at least trying…Westbrook +6

Ooo…bad throw and tipped INT Adams

AZ +42; 1:15 2nd Q; SF 21-6

Roll-out thrown behind receiver

INC to Fitz…I guess they were not allowed to run on this
drive…3 & out

Punt hits at 4 and not downed…even special teams is bad

SF -20; SF 21-6; :48 2nd Q

Dockett blown off ball by Vernon Davis

End of half

Sf 21-6

AZ punted before I had a chance to get back from bathroom

Westbrook +10 off left side

Haggans leading with helmet

Off sides on Haggans…thought it was porter

Pushing & shoving after play…why not fight back during the

Flags again…snap infraction

Stopped paying attention

Nice come back by Haggans…gets sack

Cards deserve all the ripping they get but the block does
show they care

AZ -27; SF 21-6; 8:29 3rd Q

Missed whole drive watching fight in the stands

Made 38y FG

SF 24-6; 2:38 3rd Q

AZ -37;

O-Line an abomination

TO AZ; 2:29 3rd Q

Given up on game notes…working on power poll

Doug Franz

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Doug: Notes on Cardinals loss to 49ers