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What I think about the ASU coaching search

I think ASU hated firing Dennis Erickson but knew they had
to as soon as the UofA game ended.

I think this season cost ASU a chance at a 5 year window
of divisional dominance and a chance at multiple Rose
Bowls in a small amount of time.

I think If Vontaze Burfict had the character within
himself or if Dennis Erickson would have used a firmer
hand over the last 3 years, there wouldn’t be a coaching
change occurring.

I think ASU never considered Mike Leach and that was a

I think no football team in college football could hire a
coach that fits better than Mike Leach fits Wazzu.

I think Mike Leach will replace Golden in Miami in 5 years
and Wazzu will then complain they got cheated.

I think ASU never said, “Do you want the job,” to Kevin
Sumlin’s agent so they’re right when they say the job
wasn’t offered but that’s semantics.

I think they offered the job.

I think Mike Sherman was fired because A&M was afraid of
losing Sumlin to ASU.

I think Sumlin didn’t know for sure which job he wanted
and was given $4 million reasons to choose A&M.

I think The University of Houston never had a chance of
keeping him.

I think ASU doesn’t take me seriously when I say Hue
Jackson should be their next target.

I think ASU was going to hire Sumlin without a search

I think ASU will now hire a search firm.

I think Lisa Love is still ultimately making the decision
but there are now other people in the room, unlike the
Erickson hire.

I think it’s a much tougher decision this time for Lisa
Love because the last time no one wanted the job and now
there’s lots of candidates.

I think I don’t have as much power as the agents of
coaches think I do.

I think this process has shown me just how bad NCAA
football needs a commissioner.

I think Jim Leavitt would be an incredible choice for ASU
but they are too scared of his South Florida baggage.

I think the new HC should keep Noel Mazzone.

I think Mazzone should be able to pick his O-Line coach or
at least have one that will listen to him.

Unless ASU gets Hue Jackson, I think they should go
defensive head coach so they can keep Mazzone. A
defensive head coach would also help combat the offensive
coaches in this league.

I think if ASU hires the wrong guy it will be 10 years
before their next Rose Bowl appearance.