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Research & Doug – October 15, 2013

1) When facing a blitzing defensive back, no QB in the NFL threw more than four interceptions through all of 2012. Eli Manning has thrown five interceptions when facing a blitzing DB in 2013. (ESPN Stats & Info)

2) Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, and Adam Wainwright had 50 wins combined in 2013 and zero in the NLCS. (My own curiosity)

3) At this point last year, J.J. Watt had 17.5 disrupted dropbacks. He has 5.5 in 2013.

4) Despite facing Rodgers, Big Ben and Brady, the Bengals have not allowed 300 yards passing in 20 straight games. (ESPN Stats & Info)

5) The SEC’s eight ranked teams is a record for one conference. (Coaches’ poll release)

5) AJ McCarron’s ring to loss record is 2-2. He’s won three rings with one as a redshirt freshman & two as a starter while only losing two games as the starter. (ESPN broadcast)

6) The Chiefs defense has three of the top four highest percentage of disrupted dropbacks. (ESPN Stats & Info)

7) The Jaguars became the first team since Manning signed with Denver to blitz only once, holding the Broncos 70 yards below their average in yards after the catch. (ESPN Stats & Info)

8) From 2011 through last week, the two best outside-the-pocket QBs are Aaron Rodgers and Tony Romo with an 18-1 TD/INT ratio. (ESPN Stats & Info)

9) Sam Bradford has had back-to-back games with three TD passes, becoming the first QB in the NFC West to do it since Kurt Warner in 2007. (ESPN Stats & Info)

10) Five receivers have had 190 yards or more in a game this year and their team is 1-4 in those games Boldin versus Green Bay in Week 1 is the only winner. (ESPN Stats & Info)

11) On October 14, 2012, the Saints were on their bye week at 1-5. On October 14, 2013, the Saints are on their bye week at 5-1. (Peter King’s MMQB)

12) When the Steelers rushed four or less, Geno Smith went threw 10 incomplete passes, amassed only 130 yards and threw two interceptions. (ESPN Stats & Info)

13) The Ravens were so bad on first and second down, their average third down conversion attempt needed 11 yards. (ESPN Stats & Info)

14) Eddy Lacy is averaging a full yard/rush more than last year’s leading rusher for the Packers. (ESPN Stats & Info)

15) Chiefs and Broncos are 6-0 and in the same division. The only time this has ever happened was the Lions and Bears in 1934. (NFL press release)

16) Against statuesque QBs Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers, the Cowboys had one combined sack but sacked RG3 three times. (ESPN Stats & Info)

17) Tom Brady is 101 games above .500 as a starting QB (141-40). (NFL press release)

18) Detroit Lions started in 1934 and Matthew Stafford is their first QB to throw for three TDs in a game 13 times. (ESPN Stats & Info)

19) Every team that is winless at home has only one win or zero wins overall, except the Eagles who are in first place. (I looked at the standings)

20) Nick Foles has never lost at Tampa Bay and has never thrown an interception. Foles has never won anywhere else on the road in the NFL, throwing more picks than TD passes (2-0 at TB; 0-5 everywhere else). (ESPN Stats & Info)

21) For the first time in the career of Peyton Manning, he fumbled twice. (I just knew that one)

22) Marshawn Lynch had over 75 yards receiving and rushing for the first time in his career. (ESPN Stats & Info)

23) The Patriots forced seven three & outs of Drew Brees. (ESPN Stats & Info)

24) For the first time in Jimmy Graham’s career he was targeted more than once but had zero receptions. (ESPN Stats & Info)

25) Ole Miss had two players ejected for targeting and had both ejections overturned. (ESPN Stats & Info)

26) Six is the number of practices Austin Collie had with Tom Brady and the number of plays he had run as a Patriot before catching a fourth down conversion before Brady’s game-winning TD pass. (Peter King’s MMQB)

27) 2013 sack total for the Chiefs: 31. 2012: 27. (Peter King’s MMQB)

28) After the sixth inning, the Dodgers are 51-2 when leading by at least 2 runs. (TBS Broadcast)