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Monday observations from Arizona Cardinals training camp

Here are my observations from Arizona Cardinals practice on Monday, Aug. 4:


Here is one guy I never expected to see at Cards practice. His son is interested in being a kicker. Jay Feely was cool enough to spend a few minutes with Frank’s son while he was warming up and kicking into the net. Later in practice, Arizona was running the 2-minute drill and Jay missed two field goal attempts.


I’ve texted Cards Assistant GM Terry McDonough before. We’ve talked on the air a few times, but we haven’t been able to catch up in person. He was sitting in the empty stands, watching practice and wearing dark sunglasses. When I looked up, I thought for sure he was a friend of mine who works for Arizona State. I yelled at him to ask if he wears his sunglasses at night. He looked at me like I was an idiot. He was right.


He spent most of his time with the “1’s,” but Earl Watford still had a few reps with the big boys. I didn’t hear Cooper get yelled at when he stayed on the field for some reps with the second string, so I’m assuming it was still part of the weekend wake up call. I thought he looked a little more aggressive during 9-on-7.


Another day at the office, another interception. To this point, he’s not intimidated at all by the big stage. His next stage comes up Saturday. I have a feeling he’ll be fine.


It’s why we love football. The offense is on the field practicing situations. It’s late in the “game” and Peterson is covering Larry Fitzgerald. Fitz appeared to get a step as he went over the middle. Peterson recovered and knocked the ball away. The play “won” the game for the defense.