Decisions, decisions, decisions from Thanksgiving football weekend

Dec 1, 2014, 8:41 PM | Updated: Apr 28, 2015, 2:00 pm
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Thanksgiving weekend was one of huge sports decisions.

Some were terrible decisions.

1) UCLA:

Why is Brett Hundley turning pro? Does he watch the film of his own play? He’s not even close to being an NFL quarterback. He’s going to look great at the combine but is not consistent enough to win in the NFL.


Were you waiting for any little screwup so you could play Manziel? Brian Hoyer has a lot to do with why you’re in the playoff hunt. The Browns just took a playoff team and turned themselves into a rebuilding team with one decision.


I’m hoping we find out about Derek Carr being insubordinate on the sidelines. It’s the only way to explain benching him at halftime. You’re the Raiders!! You’re one of the worst run franchises in history. You’re only hope of changing that is to get a new owner, move the team from Oakland, find a head coach and develop a quarterback. Carr could be that guy so let him play through his mistakes. Carr was bad Sunday. So what?! So were Peyton Manning and Troy Aikman at times in their first year.

Let him screw up and deal with it himself so he learns.


Do not call out other players. You’ve had three great games this year. You’ve been paid to have 12 of them. You’re a great person who can be a great player…with the emphasis on “can be.”


Why is Brady Hoke still your coach?

Some decisions were right and didn’t turn out well.


It was 100 percent the right decision to bring in Mike Bercovici to attempt a comeback against Arizona. The problem was Todd Graham said Taylor Kelly is the best leader he’s ever had. He declared ASU as “Taylor Kelly’s team.”

Now, Graham showed when the biggest comeback of the year was needed, he didn’t believe Kelly was the best choice to lead them back.


Colt McCoy went 31-of-47 for 392 yards with three touchdowns and no picks. He took some bad sacks and failed to convert some third downs, but looked like the best QB on the Washington roster.


If Gus Malzahn called me and said, “We think the way to beat Alabama is to get into a shootout because we know they can’t score with us.”

I would have agreed — which would have made both of us wrong.

Some decisions were brilliant.


San Francisco versus Seattle was great football and great television.


Who’s the only person crazy enough to decide less Peyton Manning is the way to beat Kansas City?


Denver called 43 running plays resulting in 220 yards. This also had the effect of stalling the Chiefs’ pass rush.

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Decisions, decisions, decisions from Thanksgiving football weekend