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Wolf: Don’t trade Anquan just to trade Anquan

If you want to trade Anquan, fine. I have no problem with that if you get equal value – like a 1st and a 3rd. If you want to keep Anquan, fine. He’s my favorite player in the NFL and the respect I have for him cannot be measured.

But do me a favor: stop talking about how you can’t lock up so much money in one position. The salary-cap has its restrictions but this is not one of them.

There are six things you can do in the game of football, six components that pump life into the Bloodsport. They are:

1)Running the football

2)Passing the football

3)Stopping the run

4)Stopping the pass

5)Kicking the ball

6)Returning the ball

The first four elements of the Bloodsport absorb 90% of your cap dollars. A team’s identity and style of play is closely tied to the top four criterions shown above; it’s how they win games. The NY Giants beat you with a strong running game and a lethal pass rush. Until last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat you the same way; the Arizona Cardinals beat you by throwing the football. This is how they win games. This is their identity. This is what they do – by far and away – better than anybody in the league.

So what’s wrong with having more cap dollars locked up in Warner, Fitzgerald and Boldin? This is the Cardinals identity. This is how they win games. And although what I’m about to say is a gross simplification of their success, this is how they got to the Super Bowl last year.

Look at the other teams in the league that have had success. The Baltimore Ravens have a disproportionate amount of money locked up on the defensive side of the ball. Why? Because this is where the strength of their team lies. This is where they beat you with Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs and Ed Reed.

And the examples continue. Teams that have great players concentrated on one side of the ball or at a position, are characterized by those players, Moreover, teams are not likely to let special players walk away. Why would you? They’re special players.

And for the record: a regular offense – the base offense – in the NFL includes not one but two wide receivers. There is an “X” and a “Z” receiver. Anquan Boldin plays them both.

If you want to trade Anquan and feel the time is now, more power to you (as long as you get equal value). If you think trading Anquan Boldin is a massive mistake, I’m not going to argue with you. But please, in the name of all that is good and righteous, don’t trade him because you can’t have that much money locked up in one component of the game – unless you don’t mind being mediocre in all areas of the game.