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Wolf: Boldin to Baltimore? Pull that trigger, baby

The latest rumor has Anquan Boldin being traded to the Baltimore Ravens for TE Todd Heap, RB Willis McGahee and a draft pick.

Contract’s not withstanding, this would be viewed in favorable light at the Wolfley Compound, a satisfactory conclusion to some ugly business.

Anquan Boldin’s mojo is found in the dark shade of short and intermediate routes, where toughness is measured in hits taken and faces broken. He is a master at running with the pig after the catch; in fact, from my perched perspective, he has no peer in this regard. He is “The Quan” and you will pay the price for your hap-hazard tackling – your insolence will be met with brutality.

Todd Heap could do the same thing – minus the truculence to would-be tacklers. He’s 6’5″ and has great hands. He’s one of those guys you can line up in the slot, have him work the underneath routes, and throw it to him with a linebacker hanging all over him. He’s a much bigger version of Larry Fitzgerald, a tree with branches that stab the ball out of the air.

And it’s not like he’s a complete abomination in the running game. The Ravens have run the football for years and Heap has been on the field, a Jay Novacek with more size. Is he great blocking TE? No. Would he fit in this offense? Yes.

But that isn’t why you want Todd Heap. He’s 29; he’s from Phoenix; he’s a quality person – a Whisenhunt guy; and, most importantly, Kurt Warner would love him as an option. And that’s what matters, isn’t it?

This offense is based on and built to throw the ball. Kurt Warner would not survive in an offense that asks him to throw the ball 21-28 times per game. Kurt needs to be in an offense that spreads the field and throws it 30+ times per contest. I don’t believe he could be successful in a “balanced” offense; it’s not in his DNA.

Todd Heap would continue that tradition.

And picking up Willis McGahee would be an upgrade at RB. He’s 27 and has been a thousand yard running back three times in his 6-year career. He’s a younger version of Edgerrin James and a good change-up to Tim Hightower.

This doesn’t mean the Cardinals shouldn’t draft a RB in this year’s draft, they should. But McGahee would add some stability to the backfield, a consistent performer that has played in big games.

If the Ravens threw in a 5th-round pick, this deal would be bratwurst smothered in sausage gravy.

It’s got to be tempting to the Ravens. They have seen the power of Quan first-hand. Anquan has ripped them for big yards. They need a threat for Joe Flacco. They have LJ Smith to play TE and losing McGahee wouldn’t be significant with LeRon McClain and Ray Rice in the backfield.

Although I typically despise this type of speculation, I felt compelled to weigh-in on this possible trade for Anquan. The rumors are heating up and they should intensify as the draft approaches. But if you can get Todd Heap, Willis McGahee and a draft pick for Anquan Boldin – and send him to the AFC – pull that trigger, Baby, pull it hard.


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