Wolf: Let the kid play

Sep 5, 2010, 5:05 PM | Updated: Jan 14, 2011, 4:19 pm

We of the Wu Fang Clan have driven our stakes into the
ground. Camped on the banks of the river
Whatareyouthinking, we huddle in our tents, awaiting a
runner’s news on the backup QB for the Arizona Cardinals.

The clan grows restive. What will the news bring?

Whatever the messenger delivers, it will whip the clan
into an unfettered frenzy. Will we form an allegiance with
the Leinart Clan? Or will we look to the Great Snake of
our ancestors, board the boats and make our way down
Whatareyouthinking’s muddy waters?

Either way the scroll will be unfurled, read before the
elders and announced before the people. Either way there
will be gnashing of teeth. Spears will be hoisted over
painted faces, fires will be lit and accusations made.
Others will blow smoke.

If the chiefs decide to go with the Leinart Clan, the
impossible has happened: the Arizona Cardinals will most
likely keep 4-quarterbacks on their 53-man roster!

And these are the things the clan does not speak of and
will not speak of. The runner is here, the elders now know
and the announcement has been made: the Cardinals will not
keep 4-QB’s on the roster as Matt Leinart has been

Although some of the clan were hopeful, this was not a
surprise. How does an NFL team carry 4 quarterbacks? How
could the chiefs go with Derek Anderson, Matt Leinart, Max
Hall and John Skelton on their roster? It’s like carrying
2 kickers on the squad and the last time that happened the
people were greatly agitated, bit their tongues and made
war under a blood red sky.

The Wu Fang knows the scholars are true. And this is why
some of the clan fear next month’s moon. If you cut Matt
Leinart (which they have) and play with 3-quarterbacks,
the clan simply cannot accept the alternative: Max Hall,
an undrafted free-agent rookie out of BYU, is going to be
your backup.

The Wise Ones scream at us. Their readings by the fires,
their words swirl through the Wu Fang’s collective
consciousness. This simply cannot be. The Cardinals have a
chance to win the NFC West. Save for one position, they
have a better roster from top to bottom than they had last
year when they won their second consecutive division
title. This team can compete within the suspect NFC West
if only they get solid QB play. How can the clan support a
rookie back up QB when there are still questions about the
starter, Derek Anderson?

But a sound is emanating through the people and they do
not include the murmurs. The sound grows louder and thumps
are clearly heard. Thumps are thumping, thumping, the
beating of our hearts begin to make us feel better.

If Derek Anderson cannot do the job or gets injured…let
the kid play.

“Let the kid play” is first whispered in the dark corners
of the clan’s mud-packed dwellings. “Let the kid play” is
heard in doorways. “Let the kid play” is passed through
the byways and squares. “Let the kid play” is brought
before the elders. A gathering is called and “Let the kid
play” is brought before the people.

Should this be put to the people or do we deceive
ourselves? The book of our ancestors must be consulted:

One must never refute what is clear.
Trust what you see and remember what you know.
The warriors of the clan are watching, beware the
Although one has not done, it does not mean he will not

We of the Wu Fang Clan have made up our minds:
Let the kid play.

Ron Wolfley

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Ron Wolfley

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Wolf: Let the kid play