We have a series and this is really weird

Jun 8, 2011, 4:31 AM | Updated: 5:41 am


Copious Thoughts from the Abstract

Raw, Uncut, Unedited



The Mavericks are desperate; look at their faces.

Defense is the word; both teams speak it, say it and do it

Points are at a premium. A three is power,

Rick Carlisle gets T’d up; he has a case; get fired up,
Jim Carey.

Flopping is ruining the game of basketball, LeBron. This
is beneath you, isn’t it?


Fear can consume you if you let it;

Speaking of…

Chris Bosh is fighting his insecurities;

I hope he wins. The hardest victory is over self.

Mike Miller is fighting the game of life;

his little girl was born with 5-holes in her heart. How do
allow yourself to care?

It’s a game.

I stand at the ready with bowed head and lowered eyes:

much respect, Mr. Miller, sir.

Nowitzkiis so stiff and robotic he looks like modern art
imbedded in a post-impressionist painting.

VeHave Our Vays is so unorthodox it actually works;

who can guard him when they never see it?

LeBron is out of sorts; what is he doing?

Who are you?

The king looks uncomfortable in his court.

Jason Kidd may be soft-spoken but he still produces
prodigious bricks;

but he seems impervious.

With great desperation comes manufactured pressure;

pray you have the braves to defend the village.

Chris Bosh has painted his face;

but is his heart dark?

Marion has developed a back to the basket game;

he still stabs it with his steely knives but he’s no
longer the beast?

D Wade is a controlled explosion;

watching him play basketball is like running into a wedge:



When do the Mavs lose heart?

How long can one endure their own failure, deny their own

Or overcome self-inflicted hardships?

How long?

When will they crack?


Dirk is sick! No, really, he’s ill.

The Mongolian-Shanghai Surprise strikes Big D…


And the king continues to look for his crown.

Bosh has resolved in his heart to reject the Craven;

but their kind are not easily dismissed’

they will be back.

They won’t just be ignored, Chris.

Tyson Chandler just hacked Bosh, savagely;

Here come the Craven.

How will you respond, Mr. Bosh?


And the crown is on the ground, rolling around.

Pick it up, LeBron;

it’s right there!

This is D Wade’s team, isn’t it?

Every time they need a bucket he is the one guy that seems

Will everybody be accountable?


The Matrix ran the spear through the king and then told
him about it.

Let sleeping dogs lie, Matrix.

If you wake ’em, you’re feeding him.

There is no doubt who the Heat’s best player in this
series is:

D Wade.

Jason Kidd is building a house with some of his shots;

more brick, more mud, bring it quick and build it high.

Two former Suns have given up the lead late in the third-

The Kidd and Matrix Show might not get it done for Dallas.

The Heat are closing out this quarter;

and the king has found his castle but will he find his

He’s dancing with the ball again instead of dancing at the
ball –

metaphorically speaking.


The nut is about to be cut.

Pull up the dump-trucks, boys;

dyin’ time is here.

Time to do what you were born to do.

If you’re scared just say so and…

sit over here, please.

Where’s Chris?

Dirk cannot score a basket all because some guy at the
Real-Mart shook his hand.

He’s getting great shots.

Dirk may have his vay but vee don’t have our vays of
beating the bug.

The Mavericks are getting great looks and there’s nothing
to see;

step right up now don’t be shy, cause you will not believe
your eyes;

but the ball just won’t go down.

The Heat create separation but Dallas cannot seem to get a
significant lead.

Defense wins again, rules the day, in every sport and
every way.

Wade has the heart of a lion;

does this sound redundant?

Wade, Wade, Wade…D Wade…Usurper!

This is the king’s coronation, not yours.

D Wade just did the impossible:

he stuffed Tyson Chandler’s dunk attempt!

Nowitzkiis getting it going, flu or no flu.

Where is the king?

Put him on Vee Have Our Vays!

Let him guard the Big-Wig!

We wants to see it, we wants to see this,
pleasssssssssssssssssssse us!

Here come the Mavs, showing the ability to come from
behind but why can’t they play with a lead?

D Wade rose up and did it again;

he tried to block the slam by Chandler…again.

Who is this guy?

The heart of a champion cannot be measured and after
watching this guy play there is no doubt:

LeBroncame to South Beach to help D Wade win his second-



The Craven has the ball;

he’s looking to dump the ball.

Why does D Wade not have the ball in his hand?

Where is D Wade?

Why does he not have the ball, LeBron?

Why does he not have the ball?

Why does he not have the ball?


Why is Udonis Haslem on Dirk Nowitzki?

This is exactly what the Mavericks want:

LeBronguarding someone else!

Eric Spoelstra may lose his job if he doesn’t figure out
Nowitzki in the 4th.

Maynard from Tool would have something to say about this:

We’re going to miss, Sir Spoelstra.

We’re going to miss, Sir Spoelstra, we’ll miss him;

we’re going to miss him;

weeeeee’rrrrrrregoing to miss him.

And then it all went away.


D Wade did everything right except catch the inbound pass.

Game 4 proves decisive, once again.

We have a series!

Ron Wolfley

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Ron Wolfley

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We have a series and this is really weird