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Burns: A happy family in Flagstaff

When you’re a parent you have these moments, fleeting at best, when your children actually (gasp) get along. They’re not bossing, nagging, fighting, annoying, needling, poking, prodding or trying to one-up the other.

This state of bliss generally occurs on average about 5% of the time.

But when it does you look at your kids, happily playing and enjoying the others’ company and you say… is good. No fights to break up. No broken feelings to mend. No boo-boos to band aid.

Today, Cardinals Coach Ken Whisenhunt is probably leaning back in his chair, like that satisfied parent, thinking to himself…life is good.

Anquan Boldin? Check. I don’t know if happy is the word, but he’s present and – for now – content and says he just wants to focus on football.

Darnell Dockett? Check. Oh sure he needs a tweet-time-out (though the suggestion of racism in the Ben Roesthisberger-ESPN story was an interesting idea). But again, he’s present and he’s not talking about his contract.

Everybody is healthy. Everybody is getting along. Just about everybody is there (and frankly I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time you read this Beanie Wells is as well).

Things could not be off to a better start for Ken Whisenhunt.

Think about where we were a year ago at camp. Boldin pops off. Warner vs. Leinart for QB supremacy. That unshakeable feeling that Warner wasn’t going to get a fair shot at the gig.

But now? Peace in the pines. This is obviously great news for the coach and the fans. Look, as a talk show host, I would love a good, juicy, sexy controversy to stir the pot. But when you’re coming off an NFC Championship you don’t need controversy to sell it. It sells itself. And if I’m a fan, I want my camp nice and quiet.

There are still potential obstacles. Volcanoes don’t go dormant overnight and the Cardinals have two of them that could become active at any moment. Someone could get hurt. The possibility of complacency always lingers in the air, especially on a team where there are few legit position battles.

But for now, NFC Champ Camp could not have gotten off to a better beginning. And Coach Whiz – at least for now – can enjoy the fact that all the kids are getting along.


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