Cardinals Over/Under

Aug 25, 2009, 8:13 PM | Updated: Jan 14, 2011, 4:23 pm

Vacationing Producer Rod Lakin came up with a list of over/unders for Burnsy to mull over:

Larry Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald receiving yards: 1500 (1,431 in 2008) – Under
Fitz receiving TDs: 15 (12 in 2008) – Under
Fitz receptions: 100 (96 in 2008) – Under

Anquan Boldin
Boldin receiving yards: 1200 (1,038 in 2008)- Over
Boldin receiving TDs: 12 (11 in 2008)- Under
Boldin receptions: 90 (89 in 2008)- Over

Darnell Dockett
Dockett total sacks: 6 (4 in 2008) – Over
Dockett media sessions/interviews where he speaks out about his contract: 1 – Over

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie
DRC total interceptions: 5 (4 in 2008) – Over

Kurt Warner
Warner passing yards: 4,500 (4,538 in 2008) – Under
Warner passing TDs: 30 (30 in 2008) – Under
Warner games played: 14 (16 2008, has never played 16 in consecutive seasons) – Under

Tim Hightower
Hightower: rushing yards: 900 (399 in 2008) – Under
Hightower: rushing TDs: 12 (10 in 2008) – Under

Beanie Wells
Beanie Wells injuries: 2 (already had 1 ankle problem) – Over
Beanie Wells games played: 12 – Under
Beanie Wells rushing yards: 600 – Over

Arizona Cardinals
Cards defense points allowed per game: 22 (26.6 allowed in 2008, 5th worst) – Over
Cards offense points scored per game: 27 (26.6 scored in 2008, 3rd best) – Over

Cardinals Pro-Bowl Selections: 5 (5 in 2008) – Over

Times we hear a Dave Pasch call on Sportscenter: 6 – Under
Times we see Wolf on TV on the NFL Network: 3 – Under

Cards wins in the regular season: 9 – Over (Burnsy has Cardinals at 11-5)
Cards playoff home games: 1.5 – Under

Do you disagree? We want to know what you think will happen for this upcoming season.

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Cardinals Over/Under