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Burns: Don’t rush to judgement on Ray Horton hire

I’ve never been afraid to expose my dorkdum so I’m not going to stop now.

I have a rule: I never, ever add a movie to my Top 10 All-Time List until a mandatory waiting period of two years. That way when I walk out of, let’s say “Inception”, I ignore the instant reaction to label it one of THE BEST MOVIES I’VE EVER SEEN. Because when I think about it…really think about it….it doesn’t make the cut. Let it breathe. Don’t rush to judge.

I know. I’m a dork.

What does any of this have to do with new Cardinals Defensive Coordinator Ray Horton?

This is a big hire for Ken Whisenhunt. The expectation level was set high with the tease of Dick LeBeau and hint of Keith Butler. Fans may be disappointed the Cardinals fell short of those lofty goals but I’m not. In Horton they got a guy who was born and raised in the LeBeau system. A Steeler guy. And if LeBeau was a pipe dream and Butler a stone wall, Horton makes for an attractive alternative.

There is also no disputing that Horton is Whisenhunt’s third defensive coordinator in four years. In that regard, Whisenhunt has to get this one right. After all, you can only play that scapegoat card so many times. You won’t find me disagreeing with this.

Where I do disagree is when you take it one step further. Ken Whisenhunt has to get this one right….or else….What?

I’ve spoken to some fans, many fans, who are actually attaching the future of Ken Whisenhunt to this hire. Absolutely absurd. If you want to paint yourself in that corner brush away.

Hiring Horton is step one in the process. Declaring what should be done if it doesn’t work out is step 25. It’s like walking out of “Inception” and deciding it’s the best movie of all-time. Let it breathe. Don’t rush to judge.

The unit as a whole is desperate for a pass rush, a younger group of linebackers and help at the cornerback position. Horton may be the best defensive coordinator since, well, Dick LeBeau but if the talent doesn’t get better what difference will it make?

Bringing in LeBeau himself guarantees nothing but winning the press conference.

We see this rush to judge all the time. Green Bay wins one Super Bowl and immediately people want to debate whether they’re a potential dynasty. Jay Cutler, and I’m guilty as charged on this one, tears up his knee if the NFC title game but before the game is even over, we’re passing judgment on whether he wussed out or not.
So before you decide that this move has to work out for Ken Whisenhunt….OR ELSE…..relax. See how it plays out. See if Horton coaches ‘em up. See if they take out the spackle and patch the holes. Or, go see a movie.

I hear “The Social Network” is the best movie you’ll see all year.