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Hard to enjoy the NFL Draft not knowing what’s next

It’s hard for me to enjoy that one last thin-mint Girl Scout cookie knowing that I have to wait another six months before the Girl Scouts start selling them again.

Likewise, it’s going to be hard to enjoy the NFL Draft knowing that once it’s over nobody knows what comes next.

For some — I would guess for most — the NFL Draft is a relief. An island in a sea of legal briefs, forced mediation and appellate courts. A break from the doom and gloom that is the current state of affairs in the NFL. It’s an inherently fun event to begin with. The speculation, the rumors, team needs, the best player on the board, Kiper’s hair, Berman’s…..well, I imagine someone thinks something is fun about Chris Berman. The NFL Draft is made-for-TV-goodness.

The NFL Draft is a lockout-free safe zone. For three days football is back. Football is normal. Everything is in its proper place. Everything is fine.

I just can’t bring myself to look at it that way.

Everything isn’t fine. Nothing is normal. This draft will serve more as a reminder than a respite. The moment the Radio City Music Hall lights go out and the last draft grade has been given….well….then what?

The journey from Mr. Irrelevant to actual irrelevance may be frighteningly quick.

I don’t mean to be such a buzz-kill, honest. But it’s going to be difficult for me to enjoy the NFL Draft knowing full well the moment it’s over every fan is plunged into the abyss of who-knows-what’s-next. As hard as I try otherwise, all I can think about is the abyss.

It reminds me of the line from Bull Durham when after a good inning Nuke LaLoosh says to Crash Davis “Can’t you let me enjoy the moment?”

“The moment’s over,” responds Crash.

What else is pinging around in my head?

• ESPN’s John Clayton “guaranteed” the Cardinals would pass on Blaine Gabbert, if he’s even there at #5. It’s hard to put the toothpaste back in the tube when you drop the “g” word. There is so much misinformation that is pumped into the market place this time of year. Clayton better be sure.

• Would have loved to have been watching the Knicks/Celtics game on Alvin Gentry’s couch Sunday night. I wonder how he felt watching Amar’e play like he did. I wonder how he felt listening to his old GM Steve Kerr call the game on TNT? I wonder what kind of snacks he would have served.

• The Lakers and Spurs both lose their openers? Is this heaven?